Hazel Scott

Hazel Scott

Hi! I’m Hazel–and It's a pleasure to have you here! I'm a hardcore beauty junkie and makeup enthusiast. Through my articles at Simpleandchicblog.com, I aim to provide honest and informative reviews of beauty products, share tips and tricks for achieving a flawless look, and promote self-care and self-love.

I also enjoy spending time with my loved ones, and laughing until I cry :) A delicious latte and an enjoyable barre workout also make my mood brighter. I believe life is a gift–let’s celebrate every day!

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Séverine Piller

Interior Designer by Day Blogger by Night

Hello friends, Séverine Piller here. I’m living in Milan and speaking Italian with a French accent*. I have decided to open a blog, centered around things that I am passionate about (interior design, cooking, traveling and fashion) to share them with other people. Comments, hints and tips are always welcome, I hope you will enjoy it!.
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