Weleda Skin Food Review 2021 – Does it works

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Weleda Skin Food Review 2020

Known for its nourishing properties, the Weleda Skin Food cream achieved international fame & recognition from almost all global experts. Since it was established in 1926, this cream has been doing a great job in softening rough and dry skin on the face, hands, feet, and anywhere else. It works as a good primer that you can apply before applying makeup. Its contents, especially calendula, chamomile, beeswax, and other botanical oils protect and nurture any skin type.

What does Weleda Skin Food Cream do?

  • Since the texture of this cream is silky-soft, it gets absorbed into our skin easily. As a result, the skin feels smooth, replenished and relaxed after every application.
  • Made from highly natural ingredients such as sunflower oil and pansy extract, this cream hydrates and fortifies our skin to a large extent.
  • The skin’s moisture-retention capacity increases phenomenally, thanks to the rich ingredients of beeswax and botanical oils.
  • Apart from the skin, this cream is used works wonders to eliminate dryness and frizz in the hair as well.
  • If you are looking for a moisturizing cream to get rid of Rosacea or dryness in your hands and cuticles, this is a great choice.

Weleda Skin Food Cream Ingredients



These are flower extracts that help to give the much-needed hydration and support to dry skin.



These important fatty acids improve the skin’s lipid-creation potential, so that its protective barrier can be strengthened further.

Sunflower Oil

Sunflower Oil

Like beeswax, sunflower oil contains all the essential fatty acids to increase the lipid secretion in the skin. This way, the protective barrier of the skin stays hydrated and strong.

My Experience with Weleda Skin Food Cream

weleda skin food cream ingredients

When I tried to look for more information about the Weleda Skin Food cream, I found quite a few of them commenting that it was only a duplicate version of the LaMer cream. That’s when I decided to try it on myself to get to know exactly how it performs. I liked many factors about this cream, but here are certain things that I feel could have been better:

The texture of the cream

the texture of this cream is very thick, almost in the consistency of cream cheese. You have to necessarily warm up the cream nicely in your hands before applying it.

Weleda Skin Food Texture
Also, I noticed that the cream was very oil, especially, the first part that came out of the tube. However, the other parts that came out later, didn’t have as much oil in them. This is quite normal; all you need to do is to rub the cream nicely in your hands till the texture is soft and smooth for the easy application on your skin.

Thanks to the beeswax ingredient, this cream becomes extremely soft when you rub it well in your hands. Beeswax also has moisture-locking properties, due to which your skin stays hydrated for a long time. Yes, the smell and texture can put you off at first, but soon, the benefits of this cream will make you forget the weird facts.

Weleda Skin Food Cream Fragrances

The smell of this cream is quite strong. Since I like the natural smells of herbs and oils, I didn’t face a problem. However, if you love light aromas, the strong smells of the sweet almond, rosemary and calendula oils can be very strong for you.

In short, I would like to say that the smell of this cream is mostly like herbal medicine. Even if this cream may do wonders for your skin, you may not feel comfortable with it, especially if you are sensitive to strong scents. You may have to resign to the fact that you are using this cream for therapeutic purposes than cosmetic purposes.

However, the best thing that I liked about this cream is that all the scents are natural. There is no artificial fragrance at all in this product.

When & How should you apply the cream?

The oily and greasy texture of this cream gets absorbed into your skin very well. Therefore, even a little amount is enough to apply to a large area of skin. Using it as a moisturizer at night is highly recommended. You can also use it on your cheekbones to highlight them; however, we don’t think it is good to use this cream underneath your makeup or as a daily moisturizer. You can use a light layer of this cream as a primer before applying makeup, but only if you have very rough or dry skin.

How to apply?

You can apply general doses of this cream as many times as you want to soften the rough areas on your hands, feet and elbows.

How does the cream work?

My final review is that the Weleda Skin Food Cream is definitely a great product to use, if you want a nightly moisturizer. I was delighted to find my skin glowing and replenished in the morning after using this cream at night. The best part is that it is affordable, contains 100% natural ingredients, and is free from artificial fragrances.

Good cream for your money

This cream is a great buy, as it provides quite a lot of benefits for your skin for its price, giving you great value for your money. Remember not to use it daily, though.

More about Weleda Skin Food Cream

Story of the brand

Dr. Ita Wegman, one of the first female doctors in Switzerland, and Dr. Rudolph Steiner established the Weleda brand in 1921. The founders had a deep connection to nature, as their previous generations studied about plants for over a century. With their expert team of scientists, this brand’s makers are still trying to come up with new plant-based products to heal your body, mind, and soul. Even today, all of Weleda’s products rely on natural ingredients to bring about overall wellness.


How good is the cream for sensitive skin?

This cream contains ultra-hydrating properties, and it is made from 100% natural ingredients, such as extracts of royal black honey. So, it is absolutely safe for people with sensitive skin, too.

Is Weleda Skin Food Good for Rosacea?

If you looking for a best moisturizer for Rosacea for dry & flaky skin, Weleda Skin Food is the right product for you. Thanks to it’s rich ingredients of beeswax and botanical oils, this cream will help you to get rid of dryness and hydrates our skin to a large extent.



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