Best Moisture Wicking Underwear & Brands You Should Consider

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I hate it when sweat runs through my undergarments, especially when I am working out or running. The discomfort that I faced during those times led me to search for solutions. The best ever solution I came up with was moisture-wicking underwear.

What are these? Keep reading to know more.

What are the best moisture-wicking underwear?

Moisture-wicking underwear are specially designed panties that wick away the sweat and moisture completely, making you feel dry and cool, even during rigorous workouts. I have always worn moisture-wicking Brastfeeding bras for the same purpose. Now, I have started using sweat-wicking underwear to keep my body cool, comfortable and dry.

Made from natural and breathable materials, these panties not only make me feel dry, but they also keep away foul odors. According to studies published in the European Journal of Applied Physiology and Occupational Physiology, this underwear also helps in normalizing one’s body temperature and improving one’s overall productivity.

I love these moisture-wicking panties, because they protect me from yeast and bacterial infections that are usually caused due to damp underwear. As a woman, you need to lead a healthy and hygienic lifestyle every day. So, it is high time that you add these moisture-wicking panties to your other stuff that keeps moisture away, such as deodorants, bedsheets and dehumidifiers. This will help you stay cool and dry always.

List of 16 Best Moisture Wicking Underwear 2020

While sweat due to external climate conditions or intense workouts is beyond your control, sweat trickling down your undergarments is definitely a problem that you can solve, with the help of good quality moisture-wicking underwear.

When you set out to buy a pair of moisture-wicking underwear, you will face a problem of plenty. There are quite a few luxury brands such as Hanes (about $8.50 on Amazon) and Fruit of the Loom (about $8.85 on Amazon) to some new brands that promise to wick away sweat and keep you cool, comfortable and dry.

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Listed below are 16 of the best moisture-wicking underwear options you can try. All of these are made from breathable materials with excellent moisture-wicking properties. Try them and let us know which one you loved.

Best Moisture Wicking Underwear in the “Thongs” and “Overall” Category

Under Armour Power In Pink Pure Stretch Thong

Under Armour Power In Pink Pure Stretch Thong

If you are looking for a thong that not only makes you feel comfortable but dry as well, this one is an excellent choice for you. It helps you move and breathe without any discomforting, while making your frame look flat and smooth. Made from 76% Nylon and 24% Elastane, this lightweight thong comes in a hem-free design that helps it stretch all 4 ways, giving you a lot of flexibility. Under Armour contributes the proceeds of this product to the John Hopkins Kimmel Centre for research in the breast health department.

Best Moisture Wicking Underwear in the “Briefs” and “Overall” Category

ExOfficio Women’s Give-N-Go 2.0 Bikini Brief

ExOfficio Women’s Give-N-Go 2.0 Bikini Brief

Do you love your bikinis colorful and attractive? Go for these bikini briefs that come in almost 10 attractive shades. Their antimicrobial protection feature keeps you dry at all times. Since they are made from Nylon Spandex material, these briefs are not heavy at all. With over 1000 reviews on amazon and 4.6 avg, ratings, these underwear are perfect for any activity such as workouts, riding, running, or just about any other routine tasks.

Best Moisture Wicking Underwear in the “Anti-Odor” Category

ExOfficio Women’s Give-N-Go Full Cut Brief


Mesh undergarments are extremely popular among women who are looking for sweat-wicking underwear. If you like comfortable mesh briefs, try these from ExOfficio. They dry instantly.  The mesh pattern gives enough room for air circulation, so that you can feel dry while wearing them. Also, these briefs come with antimicrobial technology to keep foul odors and infections away.  You can choose from 7 sizes and 16 attractive shades, when you opt for these briefs.

Best Moisture Wicking Underwear from Hanes

Hanes Constant Comfort (Pack of 3)

Hanes Constant Comfort

These Hanes panties are made from breathable fabrics such as cotton and polyester to keep you cool, dry and comfortable always. They come inbuilt with Hanes’ signature X-Temp cooling technology, which wicks away moisture completely. These tag-free panties come with a seamless waistband that prevents it from slipping down, without pinching your sides. Also, they do a great job of concealing panty lines.

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Best  Moisture Wicking Underwear in the “Slipshort” Category

Jockey Skimmies Wicking Slipshort

Jockey Skimmies Wicking Slipshort

One of the best features of these skimmies from Jockey is that they not only keep you dry, but they also make you look slim. This underwear comes with a cooling feature that keeps you completely dry. They work as perfect standalone biker shorts. However, you can wear them beneath skirts and dresses as well. The design of these skimmies is such that it keeps your belly tucked in and makes your thighs look slim, almost like shapewear.

Best Moisture Wicking Underwear in the “Plus- Size” Category

Balanced Tech Women’s Seamless Bikini Panties


This brand is rated as the best moisture-wicking underwear in the plus-size category on Amazon. That explains a lot about it, isn’t it? These hipster-style panties keep you dry and fresh all day, because it has moisture-wicking and odor-resistance properties. It is made of polyester and nylon, which makes it extremely lightweight as well. You can be assured that you don’t have to face issues such as chafing or showing your panty lines, as they have a seamless style.

Best Moisture Wicking Underwear in the “Budget-Friendly” Category

Reebok Women’s Seamless Hipster Panties (Pack of 5)


Coming from one of the reputed athletic brands, this hipster panties pack doesn’t disappoint you at all. If you are looking for high-quality, moisture-wicking underwear at a very affordable price, this is the best option for you. This is a pack of 5 panties, and it comes in different colors for you to pick from.  Since it is a non-thong panty, it offers you more than reasonable coverage. You can get rid of problems such as bunching and chafing, when you choose these. It keeps you dry, comfortable and smooth all day long.

Best Moisture Wicking Underwear in the “Budget-Friendly” and “Thong” Category

Balanced Tech Women’s Seamless Thong Panties

Balanced Tech Seamless Thong Panties pack

Who said colorful thongs would cost you a lot? This one from Balanced Tech is extremely affordable, and keeps you dry for long hours. With their lightweight design and four-way stretch style, these thongs help you move and breathe freely. They are free from tags, and are equipped with moisture-wicking and odor-resistant properties to keep you fresh and comfortable. They also offer you more color options than any other product you would find in this list.

Best Moisture Wicking Underwear in the “High-Waist Thong” Category

Savage X Fenty High-Waist Microfiber Thong

best anti sweat underwear women

Ever since Rihanna launched these nylon panties as part of her lingerie collection, these high-waist microfiber thongs have become increasingly popular. You can wear these nylon thongs for everyday purposes. Their high-waist style makes them a great choice to be worn beneath high-waist leggings. You don’t have to worry about your panty lines showing, with these thongs.

Best Moisture Wicking Underwear in the “Boy Shorts” Category

Boody Organic Bamboo EcoWear Women’s Boyleg Briefs

anti sweat underwear women

Are you looking for eco-friendly, moisture-wicking underwear made from sustainable materials? This one from Boody Organic is the right pick for you. Made from bamboo, these briefs offer you full coverage and keep you dry for long hours.

Best Moisture Wicking Underwear in the “Cotton Fabric” Category

Organic Basics Bikini Briefs

Organic Basics Bikini Briefs

Organic Basics is your go-to brand, if you love sweat-wicking underwear in comfortable cotton fabric. These briefs come in a pack of four, giving you good value for your money. Apart from keeping you comfortable and dry, these lightweight briefs are also great for the environment.

Best Moisture Wicking Underwear in the “Wool Fabric” Category

Icebreaker Merino Women’s Siren Thong

Icebreaker Merino Women’s Siren Thong

If you thought wool is only meant to keep you warm, you are mistaken. Try these woolen thongs to know that wool can keep you cool & comfortable as well. Made from natural woolen fibers, these are definitely costlier than most of the products discussed here. However, they are worth the money, because they are made from soft and breathable material.

Best Mesh Moisture-Wicking Underwear  Category

Naja Mila Brief Black Mesh Dots Brief

Mila Brief Black Mesh Dots Brief

Naja, a brand founded by the famous actress, Gina Rodriguez, has a unique culture of employing only single mothers and women, who are heads of their families, in its factory. The brand is very conscious about environmental safety. Therefore, this mesh bikini scores quite heavily in the eco-friendly department. Made from 90% nylon, these bikinis are not attractive in visual appeal but performance as well, as they wick away the moisture completely.

Best Moisture Wicking Underwear in the “Full Coverage” Category

Boody Body EcoWear Underwear

Boodywear EcoWear Underwear

Are you looking for sweat-wicking underwear that not only cares for the environment but also gives you full coverage? Try out the bamboo underwear from Boody Body right now. Made from natural bamboo, these keep you cool and dry for long hours. You also get to choose from 6 neutral shades, when you opt for this brand.

Best Moisture Wicking Underwear in the “Shapewear” Category


Best Moisture Wicking Shapewear Underwear

Asimoon’s shapewear underwear collection is designed to help you conceal the extra flab in your waist area, making you look slim. You can choose from different packs, colors and sizes, as this collection is available in a broad range. The dual elastic waistband helps to hold the underwear tightly against your waist. So, you don’t have to worry about it slipping down frequently.

Best Moisture Wicking Underwear from Fruit of the Loom

Fruit of the Loom CoolBlend Panties

Fruit of the Loom CoolBlend Panties

Regardless of the external climatic conditions, these panties from Fruit of the Loom keep you cool and dry. This is because they are made from a blend of cotton and polyester – two materials that are great for moisture-wicking and air circulation.




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