12 Best Squat Proof Leggings of 2021

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Are you looking for the best squat proof leggings on the internet? You might find any options for leggings and yoga pants online. Though all of them claim to be made from stretchable fabric, can they be trusted with your squats? Definitely not! Squat proof leggings are not only made from breathable and stretchable fabric, but they are also made from opaque fabric to withstand your squats.

Today, home workouts have introduced a lot of ideas to your fitness routines. Some of these innovative routines include online dance classes and push-up challenges. However, not many of these routines give you the same intensity and power as squats.

Squats are great for your overall health and fitness. Apart from toning and shaping your butts, squats make you look great. Have you been putting off your squat routines because you are worried about your leggings would slide down or because the see-through fabric of your leggings would reveal a lot of your skin?

Don’t worry; here, we have listed 12 of the best squat-proof leggings that you can consider for doing your intense squat sessions. Most of these are made from moisture-wicking spandex fabric that isn’t transparent. Some of the lesser-priced models that we have listed here use elastic bands to fit you well at your waist.

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Here are some of the best squat-proof leggings in different categories:

1. Best Overall Squat Proof Legging


Adidas by Stella McCartney

Made from 82% polyamide and 18% spandex, these Adidas by Stella McCartney are my personal favorite. It comes from one of my most-liked brands, Adidas.

Wearing these, I can work out with full confidence, as these leggings aren’t transparent at all. These high- waist leggings are made from smooth and breathable fabric; therefore, they don’t hamper with my twists and jump sessions.

2. Best High-Waist Squat Proof Legging

IUGA High-Waist Yoga Leggings

IUGA High-Waist Yoga Leggings

Made from squat-friendly fabric, these leggings are highly flexible and come with many easy-to-access pockets as well. Like many other users, I was also thrilled to find out these leggings could withstand the high intensity of my squat sessions. The material remains 100% opaque.

These leggings get their compression and flexibility features from their fabric that can be stretched all the four ways. Designed to suit the different requirements of women, these leggings are available in different colors and sizes. Leggings, shorts and capris are the three sizes you can pick from, in this style.

3. Best Squat Proof Legging in Budge

TSLA Yoga Pants

TSLA Yoga Pants

With most of the squat-friendly leggings being sold at around $25, I was surprised when I came across the TSLA Yoga Pants for just $7! The best part is that these are not like other cheap-priced leggings made from thin and see-through fabric. The TSLA Yoga Pants are made from moisture-resistant, opaque fabric that is designed to withstand all your squat sessions.

Though many colors are available, I tried the white & gray ones to check the fabric. They proved to be opaque as well! With its high-rise style and different color options, this is definitely one of the best squat proof leggings 2021.

4. Best Plus Size Squat Proof Legging

Just My Size Active Stretch Capri

Just My Size Active Stretch Capri

Have you been trying hard to find the best plus-size squat-proof leggings? Look no further than the Just My Size Active Stretch Capris. These are made from moisture-wicking material that is a mix of polyester and spandex. The fabric fits your body, as it comes with a thick waistband and not the usual drawstring design.

With its excellent seams and stretchable fabric, these leggings help to keep soreness at bay. I loved the gentle compressions that these leggings offered, thanks to which the material did not sag whenever I did intense workouts. I love how it fits perfectly on me without rolling down a single time.

5. Best Squat Proof Legging with Active Compression

RION Active Compression Pants

RION Active Compression Pants

When you search for “best squat proof leggings Amazon,” you are sure to find this one on the list of results. These Active Compression Pants from RION helps to improve the blood circulation and muscle functionalities during and after intense workouts or squat sessions. You will not find any soreness in your body, even after wearing these pants for a long time.

This is because apart from being made from the usual mix of polyester and spandex, a material called polyamide is also used in this fabric. This lends the much-needed durability and four-way stretch pattern of the patterns. They remain opaque, regardless of your position and type of workout.

Here is another great option..

Dragon Fit Compression Yoga Pants

Dragon Fit Compression Yoga Pants

It comes with high waist which helps in tummy control. The fabric is non see-through with moisture wicking ability.

6. Best Seamless Squat Proof Legging

Aoxjox Seamless Ombre Leggings

Aoxjox Seamless Ombre Leggings

Are you looking for seamless squat proof leggings that keep you safe from itching and soreness even after wearing them for a long time? If yes, the seamless ombre leggings from Aoxjox is a great choice. Though the fabric is lightweight and stretchy, it is not transparent at all. Also, regardless of the extent you stretch in your squats, these leggings remain opaque and don’t show the underwear lines.  Made from fabric that can withstand sweat, these leggings have tiny holes all over them for ventilation purposes.

7. Best Squat Proof Leggings for Petite/Tall

Yogipace Petite/Tall Leggings

Yogipace Petite/Tall Leggings

Earlier, I used to find a lot of difficulty in choosing proper squat proof leggings for my petite frame.  Since I am just an inch short of 5 feet, I had to buy capris and then use it ankle-length leggings. However, with Yogipace Petite/Tall Leggings, I have found the perfect brand for me.

These leggings come with customized or personalized inseams, so that people can select exactly their size of leggings. 31-inch seams are available for petite frames and 34-inch inseams are available for tall frames in this category. So, you can get the leggings that fit your body perfectly.

Made from moisture-wicking material, these pants come with customized inseams, pockets that are well-concealed in the waistbands and flat seams that prevent soreness. Though the fabric is breathable, it is thick enough to remain opaque in all positions.

8. Best Squat Proof Leggings with Mesh & Pockets

Core 10 Build Your Own Onstride Leggings

Core 10 Build Your Own Onstride Leggings

If you are looking for squat-proof leggings that offer you 100% flexibility to build it in your own way, this type is the best. It comes with a full-length inseam, which lets you choose between high-waist and mid-waist categories, as per your convenience.

They also contain tall and short inseams, with multiple waistband options for you to pick from. They also come in a wide range of size options such as XS to 3XL; so it has something in it for everyone.

9. Best Moisture-Wicking Squat Proof Legging

Baleaf Women’s High Waist Yoga Leggings

Baleaf Women’s High Waist Yoga Leggings

If you are looking for a companion that stretches with you during your every move of workout, this one from Baleaf is a good choice. It doesn’t cause you any soreness or irritation, nor does it generate too much heat. With its moisture-wicking fabric, these guaranteed squat proof leggings keep you cool throughout the time you wear them.

Some other attractive features of these leggings are their anti-lock waist, flatlock seams, gusseted crotch pattern and mesh panels that provide a lot of ventilation. The fabric can be stretched in all four ways; therefore, these leggings are perfect for squats, runs and other workout routines.

10. Best Squat Proof Leggings with Graphics

VIV Collection Printed Leggings

VIV Collection Printed Leggings

Known to be one of the best seamless squat proof leggings in this list, this type offers you over 40 attractive designs and colors to pick from.

It is available in full-length and capri styles as well, apart from offering you different ranges of sizes to fit your body style.

These extra-smooth leggings are made from extremely stretchy fabric, and they come with an elastic waistband to fit you well.

11. Best Squat-Proof Leggings from Nike

Nike Pro Tights

Nike Pro Tights

Nike squat proof leggings are comfortable, classy and cool. The Pro Tights model is no exception to this rule.

Designed in fabric that is smooth and cool, these leggings come with an elastic waistband to fit you perfectly, without creating any irritation or soreness.

The best part of these leggings is that it comes with mesh panels on the lower legs to provide improved breathability.

Made with trademark metallic Swoosh design, these leggings from Nike are not transparent at all.

Nike One Luxe

Nike One Luxe

If you have been looking for Nike Squat proof leggings that will withstand your runs, push-ups, squats and other intense workouts. Nike One Luxe Tights is the best Nike legging for every woman if budget is not an issue.

You cannot see through this moisture-wicking fabric; hence, you feel dry and comfortable even after many hours of workout routines.

They come in various sizes from XS to XL to fit your body well.

What to know when you shop for gym leggings

Are they squat proof?

When your leggings are made from see-through fabric, it causes you a lot of embarrassment, as you may be revealing more than what’s necessary. So, the first thing that you need to check when buying gym leggings is to put them through a squat test to know if they are opaque or not.

Do they stay up?

You need to buy durable and comfortable leggings that withstand the one hour (or whatever time you workout for) of intense workout routines that you do everyday. The last thing you would want during your session is your low-waist leggings exposing your midriff completely, causing you and others to get distracted. It is highly recommended to choose high-waist leggings to avoid these distractions.

Do they fit you well?

You are going to wear these leggings during your exercises; therefore, you need to choose the ones that fit you well. Choosing very tight leggings can cause soreness and irritation in your waist, whereas choosing loose leggings may cause it to fall during your workouts. Always choose leggings made from extremely stretchable and flexible fabric to strike the right balance.

Are they designed for gym sessions?

You have set out to buy gym leggings, so make sure you buy exactly that. Buying just any pair of leggings won’t suit the purpose here. For example, running leggings may come with extra pockets and panels for storage, but gym leggings don’t need these additional distractions. They should be plain, stretchable and functional at the same time.

So, now that you have decided on the best squat proof gym leggings for you, what are you waiting for? Wear it for your squat sessions right now to know how comfortable you feel.



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