Types of Lingerie – How to Choose Best Lingerie According to Body Type

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You might already know that the meaning of the word, lingerie, has something to do with your undergarments. However, you might have many questions in your mind about the types of lingerie in the industry today, and how they are different from your undergarments. Here, you will find all your answers related to lingerie. We have explained all the basic concepts you should know about lingerie to become an expert on this matter.

Lingerie – What does it Mean?

Lingerie is a luxury, whereas an undergarment is a necessity. Though lingerie consists of small pieces of clothing, they can bring a world of change in your overall contentment and confidence. Neatly hidden beneath your clothes, these lingerie pieces are luxuries that every woman deserves. I love the contentment and happiness I feel when I feel good quality lingerie beneath my clothes.

Many years ago, around the early part of the 19th century, only women of high social class wore lingerie, to show off the sexiness of their private parts. Lace, rayon, ruffles, chiffon and other sensuous & soft materials were used for making lingerie, then. Today, however, the scene has changed completely. Many women, across all classes, invest in a few pieces of lingerie to flaunt during essential occasions such as weddings and parties.

Now the real question is, What kind of lingerie is best for body types?

How To Choose Lingerie For Your Body Type:

There are various types of lingerie available in market (I’ll be talking about them in this post later) but which lingerie type suits you best? lets find out which lingerie is best according to everyone’s body type.

Best Lingerie for Hourglass type of body

Lingerie For Hourglass Body Type

Do you have an hourglass figure? Well, you are fortunate, as classy lingerie would only add to your already existing hotness. You have an hourglass figure when you have a thin waistline and when the width of your shoulders and hips are the same, the idea 36-24-36” figure. Almost all types of lingerie look good on you; however, you can opt for corsets, teddies and garter belts for the best effects. Complete your look with a lace bra and a sexy thong!

Best Lingerie for Triangle type of body

Lingerie For Triangle Body Type

How do you know that you have a triangle body type? It is when the width of your hips is more than the width of your shoulders. So you need to choose lingerie that makes your body well-balanced. Lingerie that focused on your breasts is an excellent choice in this case. Some good options for you are lacy bras, negligees tightly held at the breasts and flow down freely to the hips, bustier, matching patterns of ruffled bras and panties and bandeau bras.

Best Lingerie for Rectangle type of body

Lingerie For Rectangle Body Type

When you are frame is quite athletic with no specific curves, you have a rectangle type of body. In this case, you need to wear lingerie that will make you look curvier than before, especially around your waists and breasts. Corsets are excellent choices to make you look curvy and sexy. For making your breasts look attractive, you can consider wearing push-up bras and bustier. If the upper portion of your body is extended, you can wear teddies or garter belts.

Best Lingerie for Inverted Triangle type of body

Lingerie For Inverted Triangle Body Type

When the width of your shoulders is more than the width of your hips, you have an inverted triangle type of body. In this case, you have many options for lingerie, depending on what you want to highlight. Halter neckpieces are great choices, as they make your frame look balanced. If you want to look sensuous, you can wear matching lacy bralette and panties. However, if you want to underplay your looks, you can opt for matching camisole sets.

Best Lingerie for Round type of body

Lingerie For Round Body Type

When you have a plump waist, and when the width of your upper body is much broader than that of your hips, you have a round type of body. In this case, you need lingerie that will conceal flab around your waists. Teddies and satin lingerie are excellent choices, because they not only give you full frontal coverage, but they also accentuate your breasts.

With this information, we hope you can now choose the right type of lingerie that suits your body type the best. Listed below are the 13 popular types of lingerie that you can consider to flaunt your curves and hide the extra flesh, wherever necessary.

Top 13 Different types of lingerie available in market

  1. Bikini
  2. Teddies, Bodysuits or Camiknicker
  3. Bra
  4. Bralette
  5. Thong
  6. Bustier
  7. Camisole and Tap Shorts
  8. Chemise
  9. Corset
  10. Garter belt
  11. Hipster
  12. Robe
  13. Romper

1. Bikini

The good old bikini is an excellent choice if you want to feel sexy and comfortable. It is worn as a standalone piece or along with matching camisoles or bras. Yes, it is low, but it also gives you good back coverage. So it is not only sexy but also cute at the same time.

lacy bikinis

These lacy bikinis from Third Love, with matching lacy bras are sure to look cute, sexy and comfortable at the same.

If you just like the bohemian bikini, you can refer here – ThirdLove.com.

Anonymous Personalized Bride String Bikini Underwear

Are you looking to create memorable moments with your spouse on your wedding night? What better way to do that than trying personalized bikinis with your names or monograms from Crafyholic? The Anonymous Personalized Bride String Bikini Underwear from this brand is a great choice.

Cosabella bikinis with lacy trim

Looking for more intensity in your intimacy? Try out these Cosabella bikinis with lacy trim. You can never go wrong with red bikinis, but you can also choose from 6 other colors.

How about mixing floral prints, lace and mesh panels? Try out the sexy bikinis from Wacoal, if you want to think out of the box.

2. Teddies, Bodysuits or Camiknicker

Also known as teddy and camikinker, the bodysuit is a single piece that accentuates your curves. So, while it offers you full coverage, it also makes you look very sexy. If you are planning to bring out your oomph factor on special occasions, bodysuits are excellent choices.

Black Lace & Mesh Strappy Cutout Back Underwire Bodysuit

Would you like a bodysuit that highlights your curves perfectly with straps? The Torrid Lace and Mesh Bodysuit is an excellent choice, indeed. The black straps at the front and back make you look incredibly sexy.

Liselle Bodysuit

If you are looking for a bold bodysuit, you can opt for this lacy lingerie that draws attention to your breast. The unique copper rose shade makes this Hah Liselle Bodysuit a masterpiece.

The combination of velvet and lace can never go wrong. Try out this bodysuit from Macy’s to know what we are talking about. With its velvet belt and stylish bow, this burgundy bodysuit is bold and sexy.

Party Lace Bodysuit

If you love subtle yet stylish lingerie, you should opt for this lacy and floral bodysuit from Aerie. Made from 92% cotton, this piece is known for its comfort.

3. Bra

Bras, when worn with matching sets, can add spice to any occasion. Perfect as everyday and occasional wear, these bras come in different styles, such as balconette, triangle, underwire, push-ups and more. For important days, you can choose embroidered or lacy bras for the desired effect.

Pulse Lace Underwire Balcony Bra

To make your intimate nights more romantic than ever, try these balcony bras from Figleaves. The cups of these bras are styled with laces and bows to make you feel sexy.

Who said lacy bras are only to be worn on special occasions. These balconette bras from Third Love come with memory foam padding to give you extreme comfort. So, you can wear them with equal ease under your T-shirt or any fancy outfit as well.

Adele Leavers lace-trimmed stretch-tulle underwired bra

Looking for bras that are comfortable and give you a good grip as well? Try out these lace-trimmed bras from La Perla. To add to your sex appeal, you can pair these bras with similar-themed thongs as well.

Do you have small breasts? Don’t worry; these lacy bras from Wear Pepper fit your breasts perfectly, making them look attractive. The lacy trims of these bras add to their visual appeal.

4. Bralette

A bralette doesn’t offer you much support, because it doesn’t come with underwires or grips that bras come with. The key is to ace the style of wearing bralettes is by choosing the right size, so that your breasts are well-supported.

After Midnight Open Bralette

Looking for extremely sexy bralettes? This lacy bralette from Hanky Panky is a great choice, as it comes with slits and ribbon ties on the cups.

Do you love lace? Then, you have to try this all-lace, racerback bralette from Savage X Fenty, the lingerie collection of the pop star, Rihanna. With its deep neckline and pullover style, this bralette is nothing short of special.

Looking for bralettes to be worn under strappy tops? Try these lacy, plus-size bralettes from David’s Bridal. These come with front clasps. Want to add more oomph to the look? Pair it up with these matching thongs!

BHLDN Aphra Bralette

How about going bold by wearing sheer bralettes? This Swiss dot tule bralette with ruffles is a great choice, because it is simple and sexy at the same time.

5. Thong

Of all the types of lingerie mentioned here, the thong is considered to be the most revealing. With only a tiny strip to cover the front and back portions, this is an excellent choice for special occasions like your wedding night. The best part is that you can wear anything on the top (camisole, chemise, bustier, or just nothing) to go along with your thongs.

lace thong

You can never go wrong with a lace thong, like this one, as it is the perfect combination of sexiness and cuteness.

These colorful thongs from Cosabella Amore are perfect for plus-sized women, and you can team them up with any color of bra.

dual strap style Showstopper Thong

With their dual strap style Showstopper Thong at the waist and floral patterns, these thongs from Flora Nikrooz are great options for you.

Looking for nice and cute-looking thongs? This one from Cacique is a great choice, thanks to its pretty little pink bow and lacy bands.

6. Bustier

If you love to flaunt your cleavage on your wedding night or any other special occasion, you have to go for the bustier. It clings to your breasts and makes you look bustier than ever. While some end just above your belly button, some cover your torso fully. Opt for white and lacy bustiers for your wedding night, while you can opt for the classic red ones for other intimate occasions. If you want something grander, pair up your bustier with garters and stockings.

white & lacy bustier set

Looking at improving your sex and oomph appeal? Here is a bustier set with matching lacy underwear. This white & lacy bustier set comes with silky, satin straps and garters that can be removed.

Are you game to upgrade your sex quotient? Here are a satin and lace bustier that you should try. This is a suggestive and sexy bustier that reveals a lot with its lace details.

Bold Desires Bustier Set

Looking to captivate your partner at first sight? This eye-catching velvet bustier, with removable garters and adjustable spaghetti straps, is an excellent choice for you. It comes in two colors – green and red, and a lot of sizes.

Do you want to underplay your hotness while choosing a bustier? This white bodice from Parfait Elissa is the right choice for you. Though it is simple, this strapless bustier comes with lace detailing to make you feel comfortable and sexy.


7. Camisole and Tap Shorts

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the camisole (also known as the cami) is the least sexy lingerie in this list. It is a simple piece that usually comes with spaghetti straps. While the best combination for a cami is the tap shorts, you can also wear it along with thongs, if you want to make it look sexy and hot. To make the not-so-sexy camisole look luxurious, you can choose satin or silk fabrics. These cool but comfortable camis are great for special nights and everyday nights.

Camisole and Tap Shorts

Looking for the perfect camisole set in which you can laze around at home without feeling uncomfortable? This lace-trimmed Cleo cami set from Anthropologie is the best bet for you.

Or if you want a camisole sets that you can repeatedly wear on special occasions to increase your intimacy? Try this silk and satin camisole from Anine Bing, in that case. To complete your look, pair it up with these matching shorts.

If you are looking for a beautiful bridal pajama set, you can try this camisole set from Plum Pretty Sugar. While the cami is cute with its tie-pattern at the shoulders, the ruffled shorts add to its beauty.

Do you want the comfort of the camisole and add a little bit of sexiness to it? The plus-size silk and satin camisole set from Cherlot is a great choice for you.

8. Chemise

Also known as a slip dress, the chemise is very easy to wear. It makes you feel cute and sexy simultaneously. You can increase the sex quotient by pairing it up with a bikini or thong, as per your convenience.

pleated, ivory chemise from BHLDN

How do you make the sheer look subtle as well? Try out the pleated, ivory chemise from BHLDN to know more. Its pleated style makes it look like a cute little dress.

For women who love sheer and lace on their lingerie, this sexy, plus-size chemise from Torrid is a beautiful choice. The babydoll cut of this chemise is unmissable, indeed!

Looking for comfortable chemises that are always trending? Floral prints are the solution. This floral and lace-trimmed chemise from International Concepts, is a combination of fun and sex-appeal.

Satin and silk fabrics always add to the sex appeal of your lingerie, regardless of the type you choose. If you don’t mind splurging, this sexy chemise from La Perla is a must-buy for you. With its lace & sheer design on the cups and empire-waist pattern, this one pampers you the most.


9. Corset

Gone are the days when corsets used to pinch your waists and hold your breasts and hips tightly. Today, corsets are quite popular choices of lingerie, because they have evolved a lot. Corsets have become fashionable, and they are used for accentuating your curves instead of being used only for slimming purposes. When choosing the corset type of lingerie, you should look for the ones made from satin, or have laces, grommets, straps, or garters. Refrain from choosing corsets that squeeze your skin too tightly.

Hollywood Dream Sweetheart Corset

If you want to highlight your hourglass figure, you need to choose corsets that come with light boning. This jacquard accented corset with lace trims, is a wonderful choice, as it comes in many sizes.

Looking for corsets that you can wear as standalone pieces or beneath your clothes? This lacy and embroidered corset from David’s Bridal is an excellent choice, in that case. Your already-sexy look will be complete, when you pair this corset with matching shorts.

Now, here is something for women, who don’t mind to spend a whopping amount for luxurious and sexy lingerie. Try this figure-hugging, satin corset from Agent Provocateur to feel the grandeur. Don’t miss the lace details at the back of the corset.

Do you have big busts? Don’t worry; try these strapless boned bodices from Curvy Kate, to highlight your natural curves.


10. Garters belt


Garter belts, also known as suspender belts, come with clips to hold those sexy thigh-high stockings in place. You only have to choose the right match of bras and panties to give a magical transformation to the overall sex appeal of these belts. The best feature of garters is that they are compatible with all types of lingerie.

Here is a provocative and seductive belt from Nova to match with any type of bridal lingerie. For best results, you can pair up this belt with this ivory bra and ivory thongs.

Want to try something black and sexy? Try this racy and lace belt with a floral pattern from Torrid, to up your hotness quotient.

Looking to add more color, spice and brightness to your garter belts? Try this tulle belt with embroidered patterns from Myla. Complete your look by wearing matching stockings to the satin strips of the belt.

How about a sexy, nude belt that is compatible with any color of lingerie? Here is a nude tulle belt from Agent Provocateur that you can try. With its net tulle panels and scalloped edges, this one is spells class.


11. Hipster


Considered as more stylish than most other panties, including the bikinis, hipsters offer you a lot of coverage at the back, despite being low on the hips. To increase your sex appeal with hipsters, you can choose the lacy ones that come with matching bras.

These lace-trimmed hipsters from David’s Bridal are a great choice, to make you look sexy and comfortable. You get to choose from black and rose shades in this.

These hipsters from Cacique come with laced trims. They give you good coverage at the back. These lovely floral hipsters are a must-buy.

Looking for more color options while choosing hipsters? Pick this 2-piece lace hipster pack from H&M, in that case. You get a white and orange hipster in this pack.

Looking for colorful and ultra-soft hipsters? Made from extremely smooth microfiber fabric, this hipster from Playtex Secrets gives you a lot of color options as well.


12. Robe


Why do you want to opt for the bathrobe during pre-wedding rituals, when you can opt for luxurious robes? On your special night, remove these robes to reveal your sexy lingerie to your partner.

Looking for robes that are not only sexy but easy to maintain as well? This satin robe from Nordstrom is a great choice, thanks to its frilled sleeves.

If you want to pamper yourself, opt for this luxurious silk kimono by Genevie. You can’t miss the bold but cute floral prints on these.

If you don’t mind experimenting with bold fashion choices, here is a floor-length, sheer lace robe from Rya Collection for you.

Looking for robes for plus-size figures? This satin, floral robe from Apt.9, makes you look comfortable, stylish and sexy, and it is available in many colors.


13. Romper


A romper is essentially comes in types of lingerie which is a combination of a camisole and tap shorts rolled into one. Essentially, they are designed more for comfort and less for sex appeal. Mostly, they are made from cotton so that you can laze around in them. However, a few of them are also made from mesh or tulle panels for the oomph factor.

With its sheer lace material and deep, cleavage-revealing neckline, this romper from Yandy is designed to make your intimate nights even more impressive than you imagined.

Looking for something more subtle than the bold romper mentioned above? Try out this satin and mesh romper from iCollection, to get reasonable coverage. For making it more comfortable, you can wear a matching robe over it.

Here is a sexy, plus-size romper that you should add to your wardrobe to improve your sex appeal. Its lacy trims, plunging neckline and open-back style make it look awesome, indeed.

Want a romper that you can use as a sleepsuit as well? Try these ultra-soft rompers from Eberjey right now. The lace detailing them only adds to their beauty.



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