mango spring/summer 2018

mango spring 2018 collection 0

I really like the soft colors and layering from the Mango spring collection… perfect to travel and look chic instantly!

mango spring 2018 collection 1

mango spring 2018 collection 2

mango spring 2018 collection 3

mango spring 2018 collection 5

mango spring 2018 collection 7

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happy friday


Happy Friday people! I had one of these week that is super busy but no will at all to actually. Although I do fitness / take vitamins almost every day now I feel tired. Maybe it’s the season change? Does that happen to you too as well?

Here are 3 things making me happy:

Friends reunion last weekend over Rosé Champagne…


My shoe collection desperately needed a pair of nude pumps…


Geneva, please let me find an apartment soon, thank you…

I wish you all a wonderful weekend!


cool places : hotel des grands boulevards in paris

hotel des grands boulevards 2

This 50 room hotel combines the building’s 18th century roots with an Art Nouveau and Modernist twist!

hotel des grands boulevards 3

hotel des grands boulevards 4

hotel des grands boulevards 5

hotel des grands boulevards 6

hotel des grands boulevards 7

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hair salon staging in geneva

severine piller design courant dhair work area overview 2

This client contacted me back in 2016 (time flies!) and asked me to style up one of his hair salons in Geneva. Since he is renting the space, we couldn’t really rip off the floors/walls etc. so I had to use my imagination to make it work… We used a lovely shade of green (Farrow & Ball), changed the chairs and move both the reception and lounge area to utilize the space better. I really like the result actually, it looks a lot fresher and more modern!

severine piller design courant dhair lounge area 2


severine piller design courant dhair view entrance

severine piller design courant dhair sofa

severine piller design courant dhair work area overview

severine piller design courant dhair overview 3

severine piller design courant dhair logo

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happy friday

212 Hamburger and Delicious milano

I walked out the door yesterday and could smell a light spring flavor in the air… finally! I don’t know about you but I am definitely ready for some sun, warmer days and green leaves on trees!

Here are 3 things making me happy:

One of the best hamburger places in Milan and accidentally the cutest interior design (I love me some retro furniture) – Hamerica’s

arboretum aubonne

Afternoon walk

coffee break

A well deserved coffee (and sugar) break!

Happy weekend folks!