cool places : the robey in chicago

the robey chicago 10

Hey Chi-Town!

the robey chicago 7

the robey chicago 3

the robey chicago 2

the robey chicago 4

picture source the robey chicago



home tour: my dream house in melbourne

pine avenue melbourne 1

I don’t know about you but I could totally pack my thangs, my cat and travel half way around the globe to move into this place in Melbourne… It pretty much is all I love missing a couple of rugs and touches of color here and there (but that’s just me and I’m picky).

pine avenue melbourne 2

pine avenue melbourne 3

pine avenue melbourne 4

pine avenue melbourne 5

pine avenue melbourne 6

pine avenue melbourne 7

pine avenue melbourne 8

pine avenue melbourne 9

pine avenue melbourne 10

picture source pine avenue townhomes


happy friday

bonita springs beach

Happy Friday! Not gonna lie, I’m still a bit jet-lagged but it is good to be home… I am planning on doing absolutely NOTHING this weekend. Just chill, relax and have multiple naps 🙂

Here are 3 things making me happy:

We spent one day at the beach and it was just so good. It is pretty amazing how much sea and sun are making me happy…

othello the tiny cat

This little nugget was happy to see me (and vice-versa)…

mandolin aegean bistrot miami

Had the loveliest lunch at Mandolin Aegean bistro in Miami…

Happy weekend people!


3 super simple valentine’s day diy

ombre valentines day garland

I’m flying back from Miami to Zurich today so I will be celebrating Valentine’s day sitting in a plane with my BFF and dog (super romantic). I’m actually not into Valentine’s day but I found these 3 cute little DIY projects you can do (in case you forgot it’s today or you’re running late…)

arrow macaroons

valentine s day sugar cookies

picture source and projects // 1 // 2 // 3 //

Happy Valentine’s guys!