decoration inspiration : bold pattern in new york

bold patterns nyc 1

I’m usually very cautious with pattern (let’s say I’m more a black and white – graphic look type of girl) but I love what the Homepolish team has done with this NYC apartment!

bold patterns nyc 2

bold patterns nyc 3

bold patterns nyc 4

bold patterns nyc 5

bold patterns nyc 6

bold patterns nyc 7

all pictures via homepolish

full tour and details here

happy friday

atelierboemia nynow august 2016

Happy Friday people! Sorry I did not have time to write the post last week because of serious workload and traveling… but now I’m back home! These 2 past weeks have been pretty intense but so worth it. We got some great feedback on our products at NYNOW and will now be busy filling orders and following up with our Moroccan contacts with production. I will try to take this weekend off to relax a bit and have some quality time with loved ones and friends…

Here are 3 things making me happy:

Not to brag but our booth was the cutest!

new york city

The weather was just gorgeous in NY!

fish tacos

Best Ever Fish Tacos in Florida!

I wish you all a wonderful weekend!


cool places : mister zimi villa in bali

mister zimi villa bali 1

I posted about this super cool clothing brand called Mister Zimi 2 weeks ago and while doing research for my post, I also discovered that they are renting this amazingly cool looking villa on Bali! You can book through airbnb (link below)…

mister zimi villa bali 2

mister zimi villa bali 4

mister zimi villa bali 5

mister zimi villa bali 6

mister zimi villa bali 7

mister zimi villa bali 8

mister zimi villa bali 9

mister zimi villa bali 10

mister zimi villa bali 11

mister zimi villa bali 12

mister zimi villa bali 13

Amazing decor right?!

all pictures via their airbnb page


decoration inspiration : a cool and cosy LA living room

cool and cozy living room 1

I love how airy and cool this room looks. It is perfectly balanced and I like how the different textures give it a cosy touch…

cool and cozy living room 2

cool and cozy living room 3

cool and cozy living room 4

cool and cozy living room 5

cool and cozy living room 6

all pictures via ruemag

full tour here

cool places : insólito boutique hotel in búzios

insolito buzios 0

Búzios is like the St-Tropez of South America, a charming little place that has become more and more trendy over the years. This nice little boutique hotel decorated the whole place with the help of local artists to create an atmosphere than embodies the Brazilian soul…

insolito buzios 10

insolito buzios 9

insolito buzios 8

insolito buzios 7

insolito buzios 6

insolito buzios 5

insolito buzios 4

insolito buzios 3

insolito buzios 2

all pictures via insólito and mr and mrs smith