cool places : the annandale hotel in pigeon bay, nz

annandale 0

Did you ever dream of getting away where no one can bug reach you? This would be my kind of place to do this… just for a week or so, what do you think?

annandale 1

annandale 3

annandale 4

annandale 5

annandale 6

annandale 7

picture source mr and mrs smith



cool places : surfjack

The Surfjack Hotel 0

Definitely a cool place.

The Surfjack Hotel 1

The Surfjack Hotel 2

The Surfjack Hotel 4

The Surfjack Hotel 5

The Surfjack Hotel 6

The Surfjack Hotel 7

The Surfjack Hotel 8

The Surfjack Hotel 9

The Surfjack Hotel 10

picture source tablet hotels


cool places : the trentham estate by melbourne

the-estate-trentham 1

I really need to get myself over to Australia… how beautiful is this barn?!

the-estate-trentham 2

the-estate-trentham 3

the-estate-trentham 4

the-estate-trentham 5

the-estate-trentham 6

the-estate-trentham 7

the-estate-trentham 8

the-estate-trentham 9

the-estate-trentham 10

picture source honestly wtf


cool places : the modern honolulu

the modern honolulu 00

I want to learn how to surf (which will be pretty tricky because I have absolutely NO balance at all!) and then go to Hawaii…

the modern honolulu 10

the modern honolulu 9

the modern honolulu 8

the modern honolulu 7

the modern honolulu 4

the modern honolulu 3

the modern honolulu 2

the modern honolulu 1

all pictures via the modern honolulu