Insólito Boutique Hotel and Spa in Búzios Reviews

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If you are looking for a beautiful and elegant hotel with a Mediterranean style of architecture and a stunning view of the beach, you should visit the Insolito Boutique Hotel and Spa right now. With its bright colors and wooden interiors, this hotel is a paradise for tourists.

Búzios is like the St-Tropez of South America, a charming little place that has become more and more trendy over the years. This nice little boutique hotel decorated the whole place with the help of local artists to create an atmosphere than embodies the Brazilian soul.

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Insolito Boutique Hotel Rooms

Every single room contains a wooden deck and a stunning view of the ocean. A major highlight of this hotel is that every balcony contains a hot tub for the guests.

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Other important amenities that guests can access are the following:

  • Sauna, outdoor pool and hot tub
  • Recreational and relaxation activities
  • Free access to the sauna
  • Poolside bar to enjoy your favorite snacks and drinks while you bathe in the hot rays of the sun
  • Rooftop restaurant that serves the best Brazilian dishes
  • Excellent ambiance with floral and painted artwork everywhere

This hotel is perfect for beach lovers, as Forno Beach is just 1.3km away. You can also find the Armacao and Amores Beaches at a distance of 2.5km away from the property.

When we did an Insolito Boutique Hotel Review, we realized that couples love this property. They had given an impressive 9.5-star rating for the hotel.


Are there any tourist attractions near Insolito Boutique Hotel & Spa?

Yes, you can find tourist spots like Ponta da Lagoinha (0.6km), Mirante do Forno (0.5km), and Foca Beach (0.7km) near this hotel.

What amenities can you find at the hotel?

Guess can access amenities, such as a swim-up bar, rooftop bar and free Wi-Fi during their stay at Insolito Boutique Hotel & Spa.

What amenities can you find in the rooms of Insolito Boutique Hotel & Spa?

The hotel rooms are fully equipped with latest amenities like flat screen TV, air-conditioning, and minibar.

Does Insolito Boutique Hotel & Spa offer you parking facilities?

Yes, all guests can enjoy free parking facilities during their stay here.

Are there any restaurants near Insolito Boutique Hotel & Spa?

Yes, you can find some amazing local restaurants like Frutos de Goias, Eden Beach Lounge and Quiosque Samuca’s near the hotel.

Can you exercise during your stay at Insolito Boutique Hotel & Spa?

You can access the pool and sauna anytime you want as part of your exercise routine, during your stay here.

Does the Insolito Boutique Hotel & Spa offer cleaning services?

Yes, all guests can access the laundry cleaning and dry cleaning services offered by the hotel.

Can you find any historical sites near Insolito Boutique Hotel & Spa?

You can find the historical site of Colonia de Pescadores at 1.7km away from the hotel.

How good are the views you get in the rooms of Insolito Boutique Hotel & Spa?

You get to enjoy stunning views of the ocean from any of the rooms, during your stay here.

Insolito Boutique Hotel & Spa Reviews & Ratings

Tripadvisor : 4.5/5 : 9.1/10

Address & Content Numbers

Address: Condo Atlantic – Of Horseshoe Beach E1 Street, Búzios – RJ, 28950-000, Brazil


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