The No. 1 Netflix Film Starring Gerard Butler

The No. 1 Netflix Film Starring Gerard Butler

The Law Abiding Citizen actor portrays Will Spann, a devoted and caring husband to Jaimie Alexander's Lisa Spann in Gerard Butler's most recent Netflix blockbuster..

The pair stops at a gas station to refuel before taking Lisa to her parents' home. Will, however, becomes alarmed when Lisa doesn't return to the car and learns that his cherished wife has left without a trace.

Will quickly becomes suspicious that his wife has been the victim of foul play and contacts the appropriate authorities. However, as in the majority of spousal death or disappearance situations,

This Gerard Butler Netflix smash is jam-packed with explosions and all the butt-kicking moments you'd expect from the star of movies like Greenland, Den of Thieves, and the Has Fallen series, just like many of his other works.

The top Netflix movie also stars Russell Hornsby, Ethan Embry, Michael Irby, Cindy Hogan, and Bruce Altman, in addition to Gerard Butler and Jaimie Alexander. From a script by Marc Frydman, actor-turned-director Brian Goodman directed the film. Like typical