cool places : the prince hotel in melbourne

the prince hotel melbourne 1

Pastel delight in Melbourne!

the prince hotel melbourne 2

the prince hotel melbourne 3

the prince hotel melbourne 4

the prince hotel melbourne 5

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happy friday

le deck chexbres

I will be spending the weekend at my parents because I’ll be off to the US for another atelierBOEMIA trip shortly. Absolutely nothing planned but reading books, tanning and maybe doing some cooking (if I’m not too tired after being lazy all day…).

Here are 3 things making me happy:

Le Deck; one of my favorite spots in Switzerland

severine piller design

It has been an intense demo week at Severine Piller Design !


Cherries for breakfast

Happy weekend people!


happy friday

bain des paquis

Spring and summer in Switzerland and such a bliss, all the little bars open again for the season and it all feels like being on holidays. I realized that I skipped last week’s Happy Friday post (due to quite intense workload)… sorry about that!

Here are 3 things making me happy:

Bain des Pâquis: one of my favorite spots in Geneva

severine piller design vertigo suspension

Totally in love with the Vertigo suspension now hanging at a clients dining room!

summer rosé

Rosé = my summer beverage

Happy weekend people!