cool places : pretty beach house in australia

pretty beach house 1

How amazing is this place?

pretty beach house 2

pretty beach house 3

pretty beach house 4

pretty beach house 5

pretty beach house 6

pretty beach house 7

pretty beach house 8

pretty beach house 9

pretty beach house 10

picture source mr and mrs smith



cool places : the cavo tagoo mykonos

cavo tagoo mykonos 0

If I was a heiress or lottery winner (because I would not have to work), this is where you would find me this summer…

cavo tagoo mykonos 1

cavo tagoo mykonos 2

cavo tagoo mykonos 3

cavo tagoo mykonos 4

cavo tagoo mykonos 5

cavo tagoo mykonos 6

cavo tagoo mykonos 7

cavo tagoo mykonos 8

cavo tagoo mykonos 9

picture source cavo tagoo


cool places : the joshua tree house

the joshua tree house 1

I want to go to Joshua Tree so so bad! I need to somehow make it happen in the next year or so… How cool is this place?!

the joshua tree house 2

the joshua tree house 4

the joshua tree house 9

the joshua tree house 11

the joshua tree house 12

the joshua tree house 13

the joshua tree house 14

the joshua tree house 15

the joshua tree house 16

the joshua tree house 17

the joshua tree house 18

the joshua tree house 19

the joshua tree house 20

the joshua tree house 21

the joshua tree house 22

picture source airbnb

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cool places : casa san agustin in cartagena

Hotel Casa San Agustin 1

Cartagena is definitely on my go-to list and this particular hotel would be the perfect place to stay…

Hotel Casa San Agustin 2

Hotel Casa San Agustin 3

Hotel Casa San Agustin 4

Hotel Casa San Agustin 5

Hotel Casa San Agustin 6

Hotel Casa San Agustin 7

picture source Tablet hotels


cool places : riad yasmine in marrakesh


As you may know, I love Marrakesh very much. There is something in the air in the Red City that I absolutely adore. This riad looks stunning so I had to share it with you…












picture source riad yasmine