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How beautiful/stylish/cool are these bags?






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happy friday

bamboo shopping

I hope you all had a good week, mine was busy working, spring-cleaning, editing my closet (and giving away stuff I haven’t worn in forever), planning meetings for next week and our upcoming trip to Marrakesh in 10 days… (yay!)

Here are 3 things making me happy:

A trunk filled with bamboo makes me happy, these lovelies now have a spot on respectively my balcony and terrace…


It’s not a new book but it’s definitely one of the most inspiring books I ever read (in fact, I read it TWICE and highlighted the things that seemed like a good thing to follow as a self-employed hummingbird…)

cant fake the funk

This totally cool and gorgeous cashmere piece is both quite expensive and out of stock so I was thinking of actually DYIing on a shirt that I already have… what do you think? Here is where you can find the original one

Happy weekend people!


happy friday


I left for Milan very early this morning (as Italians are on strike, shocker…) so this weekend will feel a bit longer than usual. Next week we’re off to New York for the show (come say hi if you are around!) so don’t forget to follow me on Instagram to see where we’re at!

Here are 3 things making me happy:

These pretty flowers where spotted at the Halle de Rive in Geneva…


Pancakes and bacon are the best way to start the weekend so I’m going to make these again tomorrow morning…


Black nail polish and my new jewelry is my current fav combo…

Happy weekend people!


happy friday


This week was nice and smooth, we celebrated a friend’s birthday on Wednesday (and also said goodbye to my friend E.’s old apartment), ate healthy (soups and salads) and enjoyed a beautiful and sunny week. I’ll be on the road again from Monday to Friday next week so I’m looking forward to keep this bliss bubble alive till Sunday evening…

Here are 3 things making me happy:

Flowers I got on my birthday in my beautiful Carrol Boyes vase


I always bring beauty products back from my travels… love the packaging of these Thai and Korean face masks!


New ceramic colors have arrived! Go have a look at the SHOP

Happy weekend people!