happy friday

gin gym

Happy Friday y’all! I surely did not see this week pass by because of workload so I guess I will make sure to switch my brain off this weekend (which is not really possible since I’m a hummingbird and always thinking about something…) aaaaaanyway, here are 3 things making me happy!

Friday cocktails, Friday cocktails makes me really happy…

severinepillerdesign at work

My main view this week…


Friday pillow I got for my friend E.’s birthday that looks too cool for school on her teal sofa…

Happy weekend people!



amazing pink bathroom

pink bathroom 1

OMG this bathroom!!! Isn’t it so cool and amazing (and this is coming from an interior designer who doesn’t particularly love pink…!). I love the double sink and shower with the touches of gold so so much…

pink bathroom 2

pink bathroom 3

pink bathroom 4

pink bathroom 5

picture source via rebecca judd loves

3 ways to decorate your bedroom

how to decorate your bedroom 1

Here are 3 different ways to style and decorate your bedroom:













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project rustic chic home

project rustic provence chic home 4 severine piller design

I finished this project in June and somehow completely forgot to write a post about it..! This was a lot of fun to do actually not only because these clients were the best clients in the world (making decisions in 5min, being open to colour, new concepts) but because I had a vision and it turned out even better than what was in my head…

We removed the old wooden floor and the old kitchen, repainted all the walls (in a lovely bright and warm white with touches of taupe) and this new floor is really really gorgeous I think!

Here is the best part, before/after pictures:


project rustic provence chic home 6 severine piller design


project rustic provence chic home 11 severine piller design


project rustic provence chic home 23 severine piller design

project rustic provence chic home 24 severine piller design

project rustic provence chic home 16 severine piller design

project rustic provence chic home 7 severine piller design

project rustic provence chic home 9 severine piller design

picture © severine piller design


home office inspiration

home office 1

A lot of home offices look just really terribly boring (this is in fact why I often get hired “please, do something about this mess, it looks horrible!”). Here are some inspirational pictures showing that you may just need to add a bit of color and fun, hide what’s ugly (binders, printer) to see a radical change!

home office 2

home office 3

home office 6

home office 5

home office 6

severine piller design project cool flat home office desk and wall art

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