cool places : casa talia in sicily

casa talia 2

Casa Talia, an intimate seven-room B&B hotel in the heart of Unesco-protected Modica, is the brainchild of two Milanese designers – who have used the hotel as a showcase for their classy stylings. Modern features complement a layout inspired by Sicily’s rich cultural past, and the result is a laid-back retreat in the midst of the island’s sun-baked countryside.

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picture source and text mr and mrs smith



cool places : insólito boutique hotel in búzios

insolito buzios 0

Búzios is like the St-Tropez of South America, a charming little place that has become more and more trendy over the years. This nice little boutique hotel decorated the whole place with the help of local artists to create an atmosphere than embodies the Brazilian soul…

insolito buzios 10

insolito buzios 9

insolito buzios 8

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insolito buzios 2

all pictures via insólito and mr and mrs smith


cool places : the naumi in singapore

naumi singapore 0

It has been 15 years since I last was in Singapore. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t recognize anything anymore as the city’s urbanization has been pretty rapid… I remember afternoon tea at the Raffles (where Hemingway used to write and live) that felt like stepping in a time machine after spending the whole day in the middle of sky scrapers and noise. This hotel looks like a nice little oasis where I wouldn’t mind spending some time if I ever make it back to Singapore…

naumi singapore 7

naumi singapore 6

naumi singapore 5

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naumi singapore 3

naumi singapore 2

naumi singapore 1

all pictures via mr and mrs smith


cool places : gili lankanfushi on the maldives


I know it is totally out of my budget but this is the place I want to go to right now. Doing nothing for 10 days, eating, drinking cocktails with little umbrellas, sun-tanning, reading and sleeping… sounds like a plan right?


all pictures via mr and mrs smith