round dining tables

xl round dining tables 1

I’m totally going through a round dining table phase at the moment. I guess it just looks more feminine and less classic than the standard square or rectangular shape. Here are some great looking ones I found on Pinterest:

xl round dining tables 2

xl round dining tables 3

xl round dining tables 4

round dining table

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project rustic chic home

project rustic provence chic home 4 severine piller design

I finished this project in June and somehow completely forgot to write a post about it..! This was a lot of fun to do actually not only because these clients were the best clients in the world (making decisions in 5min, being open to colour, new concepts) but because I had a vision and it turned out even better than what was in my head…

We removed the old wooden floor and the old kitchen, repainted all the walls (in a lovely bright and warm white with touches of taupe) and this new floor is really really gorgeous I think!

Here is the best part, before/after pictures:


project rustic provence chic home 6 severine piller design


project rustic provence chic home 11 severine piller design


project rustic provence chic home 23 severine piller design

project rustic provence chic home 24 severine piller design

project rustic provence chic home 16 severine piller design

project rustic provence chic home 7 severine piller design

project rustic provence chic home 9 severine piller design

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happy friday

lake geneva

I am in the middle of a renovation project that started on Monday so this week was all about dust,  floor ripping, dismantle the kitchen and fumes of paint but I love it all and I feel really lucky to do a job I truly love! I’m off to Lyon today till Sunday and then spending Monday at my parents for a nice Easter brunch…

Here are 3 things making me happy:

Lake Geneva, one of my favorite place on earth…

severine piller design

View from where I was standing on Monday morning…

diadem boutique earrings

I got these super cool earrings from Diadem Boutique

Have a great long weekend and happy Easter people!


decoration inspiration : kids room teepee

Toddlers bedroom with toys in tent

If my parents had put a teepee in my room when I was little I’d probably have been the happiest kid on the planet. I designed a girl’s room (work in process still but I’ll share pics when I’m done) and finally got to use one of these! Now there are tons of DYI tutorials online but since I don’t have the time to actually build one myself for my clients, I bought one online.

Here are the pictures I used for inspiration…

kids room teepee 3

kids room teepee 4

kids room teepee 5

kids room teepee 6

Here is the project I did


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happy friday


Happy Friday people! I am traveling back to Milan today and just realized it is going to be RAINING all weekend… that’ll give me plenty of time to chill on the sofa I guess 🙂

Here are 3 things making me happy:

Can’t wait to see my nugget…


#projectcutestylishfamily ‘s family room turned out pretty. It is not done yet but you sort of get the flav on this picture…


This pillow shelf makes me happy, I want them all!!!

I wish you all a wonderful weekend!