decoration inspiration : the myra house

Myra House by Gordana Golubovic 0

I love that only natural materials were used in this house, it gives it a beautiful homey and warm feeling. The mix of wood and concrete is absolutely perfect!

Myra House by Gordana Golubovic 1

Myra House by Gordana Golubovic 2

Myra House by Gordana Golubovic 3

Myra House by Gordana Golubovic 4

Myra House by Gordana Golubovic 6

Myra House by Gordana Golubovic 7

Myra House by Gordana Golubovic 8

Myra House by Gordana Golubovic 10

Myra House by Gordana Golubovic 11

picture source EST magazine



decoration inspiration : a bright and edgy home

bright interior tessa neustadt 1

It’s no secret that I love to infuse black graphic elements to the interiors I design so that is probably why this one really caught my attention… I love how bright yet warm and cosy it all looks!

bright interior tessa neustadt 2

bright interior tessa neustadt 3

bright interior tessa neustadt 4

bright interior tessa neustadt 5

picture source Tessa Neustadt

the coolest office ever

minted office sfo 0

The Minted headquarters in San Fransisco have been designed by Designer Kendall Ermshar and the result is absolutely fantastic! If I had an office job, I wouldn’t mind go spend my weekdays in this place… super inspiring!

minted office sfo 1

minted office sfo 3

minted office sfo 4

minted office sfo 5

minted office sfo 6

minted office sfo 7

minted office sfo 8

minted office sfo 9

picture source and full tour LONNY

3 ways to decorate your bedroom

how to decorate your bedroom 1

Here are 3 different ways to style and decorate your bedroom:













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decoration inspiration : gold & black

gold and black 1

How gorgeous and glam is this place? And can we talk about that gold countertop and sink?! Absolutely amazing.

gold and black 2

gold and black 3

gold and black 4

gold and black 5

gold and black 6

gold and black 7

gold and black 8

picture source est magazine

full tour here