thibaut tanzania wall paper

thibaut wall paper tanzania 1

This wall paper is just insane…

thibaut wall paper tanzania 2

thibaut wall paper tanzania 3

thibaut wall paper tanzania 4

thibaut wall paper tanzania 5

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decoration inspiration : the boho nest

boho nest 1 adore magazine

If you haven’t done it yet, please go have a look at Adore’s blog/magazine, I love Australian design! They recently featured this beautiful boho nest…

boho nest 2 adore magazine

boho nest 3 adore magazine

boho nest 4 adore magazine

boho nest 5 adore magazine

boho nest 6 adore magazine

picture source adore magazine

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decoration inspiration : a small pied-a-terre in toronto

lark and linen project toronto 1

This is once more proof that you don’t have to have a large space to make it look absolutely stunning, light and stylish…

lark and linen project toronto 2

lark and linen project toronto 3

lark and linen project toronto 4

lark and linen project toronto 5

lark and linen project toronto 6

lark and linen project toronto 7

lark and linen project toronto 8

picture source jacquelyn lark

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decoration inspiration : kids room teepee

Toddlers bedroom with toys in tent

If my parents had put a teepee in my room when I was little I’d probably have been the happiest kid on the planet. I designed a girl’s room (work in process still but I’ll share pics when I’m done) and finally got to use one of these! Now there are tons of DYI tutorials online but since I don’t have the time to actually build one myself for my clients, I bought one online.

Here are the pictures I used for inspiration…

kids room teepee 3

kids room teepee 4

kids room teepee 5

kids room teepee 6

Here is the project I did


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decoration inspiration : the perfect boho chic home


This incredibly gorgeous bedroom caught my eye a couple of months ago (on Pinterest I think) so I was really curious to see how the rest of the home looked like… This beautiful home belongs to Ave Styles‘s founder Alexandra and if you haven’t already been following her blog, do it now!














pictures source 1-12 Glitter Guide // pictures source 13-14  Ave Styles