decoration inspiration : a bright and edgy home

bright interior tessa neustadt 1

It’s no secret that I love to infuse black graphic elements to the interiors I design so that is probably why this one really caught my attention… I love how bright yet warm and cosy it all looks!

bright interior tessa neustadt 2

bright interior tessa neustadt 3

bright interior tessa neustadt 4

bright interior tessa neustadt 5

picture source Tessa Neustadt


decoration inspiration : kids room teepee

Toddlers bedroom with toys in tent

If my parents had put a teepee in my room when I was little I’d probably have been the happiest kid on the planet. I designed a girl’s room (work in process still but I’ll share pics when I’m done) and finally got to use one of these! Now there are tons of DYI tutorials online but since I don’t have the time to actually build one myself for my clients, I bought one online.

Here are the pictures I used for inspiration…

kids room teepee 3

kids room teepee 4

kids room teepee 5

kids room teepee 6

Here is the project I did


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