happy friday

winter switzerland

This week probably won the gold medal for shittiest weather this year, it was an interesting mix of snow (brown ice water after a couple of hours), wind, rain, wind AND rain covered in ice at night… So I will go for a hammam tomorrow in order to escape for a couple of hours, eat greasy food and drink lots of wine. Here are 3 things making me happy:

Right after it snowed

geneva christmas lights

Loving these cool Ghost Looking floating bodies in Geneva (Christmas light decoration)

amour is french

Latest buy, in love with that sweatshirt

I wish you all a wonderful weekend!



gift ideas for the dudes

gifts for him severine piller design

// 1. backpack // 2. travel kit// 3. sneakers // 4. socks // 5. turntable //

happy friday

geneva christmas time

My BFF arrived in Geneva yesterday and it is just really really good to see her. We will spend some time in the city, catch up, have wine, maybe do a little shopping and just be grateful to see each other! Here are 3 things making me happy:

Christmas in Geneva

globus bellevue zurich

Winter Wonderland at one of my favorite shops in Zurich


Me in Zurich last week

I wish you all a wonderful weekend!


gift ideas for GIRLS


// 1. cashmere scarf // 2. cat purse // 3. long gold necklace // 4. leather gloves // 5. sequin blazer // 6. book //

christmas home decor present ideas


basket // wood board // blanket // vase // print