happy friday

atelierboemia on the beach

I made it back home on Wednesday and it’s good to be back! This trip was really intense and most of the things that could go wrong actually went wrong (but the great thing in having a great business partner in crime is that you can laugh about it to release stress) but it was a very successful one too. We made some really good new contacts, sold a lot of stuff and had some really good feedbacks about our products!

Here are 3 things making me happy…

We spent one afternoon at the beach dog included…

california tshirt

New favorite t-shirt…

rosé and atelierboemia coasters

Rosé (coz it’s Friday) and these gorgeous new coasters that will be available on line sooon…

Happy weekend people!



cool places : the joshua tree house

the joshua tree house 1

I want to go to Joshua Tree so so bad! I need to somehow make it happen in the next year or so… How cool is this place?!

the joshua tree house 2

the joshua tree house 4

the joshua tree house 9

the joshua tree house 11

the joshua tree house 12

the joshua tree house 13

the joshua tree house 14

the joshua tree house 15

the joshua tree house 16

the joshua tree house 17

the joshua tree house 18

the joshua tree house 19

the joshua tree house 20

the joshua tree house 21

the joshua tree house 22

picture source airbnb

airbnb booking page

christmas present ideas for women


tooth bag // ring // hat // book // ankle boots


cool places : san vicente bungalows in LA

san vincente b&b 0

How cool is that B&B?! Totally my kinda vibe, LA’s effortless cool mixed with stripes, a heated pool and banana trees… LOVE!

san vincente b&b 1 san vincente b&b 2 san vincente b&b 4 san vincente b&b 5 san vincente b&b 6 san vincente b&b 7 san vincente b&b 8 san vincente b&b 9 san vincente b&b 10 san vincente b&b 11 san vincente b&b 12all pictures via san vicente bungalows and laure joliet


cool places : the ace hotel in palm springs

ace hotel exterior 2

As you know, I recently traveled to Palm Springs and totally fell in love with it!

Ace Hotel & Swim Club Palm Springs is a motel that died and went to hotel heaven. The 1960s whitewashed architecture remains, as do the bones of an old diner, but it’s been brought back to life with more than a lick of paint. Draped fabrics on the walls give a luxe campsite feel, vintage furniture makes each room unique and the ubiquitous arts and handicrafts reveal just how creative this community is.

ace hotel exterior

ace hotel front desk

ace hotel patio 2

ace hotel patio

ace hotel poolside

ace hotel room 2

ace hotel roomall pictures and text via mr and mrs smith