cool places : the NoMad in LA

the nomad LA 1

I want to go back to LA so so badly…!

the nomad LA 2

the nomad LA 3

the nomad LA 4

the nomad LA 5

the nomad LA 6

the nomad LA 7

picture source tablet hotels



cool places : the tulum treehouse

tulum treehouse 1

This has got to be one of the coolest places ever! Maybe a great place to go for my 40th birthday?!….

tulum treehouse 2

tulum treehouse 3

tulum treehouse 4

tulum treehouse 6

tulum treehouse 7

tulum treehouse 8

tulum treehouse 9

tulum treehouse 10

picture source tulum treehouse


cool places : kasbah bab ourika

kasbahbabourika 1

You know my love of Morocco is endless so here goes another incredible place in one of my favorite country…

kasbahbabourika 2

kasbahbabourika 3

kasbahbabourika 4

kasbahbabourika 5

kasbahbabourika 6

kasbahbabourika 7

kasbahbabourika 8

kasbahbabourika 9

kasbahbabourika 10

picture source


black and white baby

prahran-residence biasol 1

Loving this Parisian style infused home designed by Biasol in Prahran Australia…

prahran-residence biasol 2

prahran-residence biasol 3

prahran-residence biasol 4

prahran-residence biasol 5

prahran-residence biasol 7

prahran-residence biasol 8

picture source and full tour biasol