decoration inspiration : the myra house

Myra House by Gordana Golubovic 0

I love that only natural materials were used in this house, it gives it a beautiful homey and warm feeling. The mix of wood and concrete is absolutely perfect!

Myra House by Gordana Golubovic 1

Myra House by Gordana Golubovic 2

Myra House by Gordana Golubovic 3

Myra House by Gordana Golubovic 4

Myra House by Gordana Golubovic 6

Myra House by Gordana Golubovic 7

Myra House by Gordana Golubovic 8

Myra House by Gordana Golubovic 10

Myra House by Gordana Golubovic 11

picture source EST magazine



cool places : casa talia in sicily

casa talia 2

Casa Talia, an intimate seven-room B&B hotel in the heart of Unesco-protected Modica, is the brainchild of two Milanese designers – who have used the hotel as a showcase for their classy stylings. Modern features complement a layout inspired by Sicily’s rich cultural past, and the result is a laid-back retreat in the midst of the island’s sun-baked countryside.

casa talia 3

casa talia 4

casa talia 5

casa talia 7

casa talia 8

casa talia 9

casa talia 1

picture source and text mr and mrs smith


cool places : the nobis in copenhagen

Nobis Hotel Copenhagen 2

Loving this sophisticated Scandinavian vibe.

Nobis Hotel Copenhagen 3

Nobis Hotel Copenhagen 4

Nobis Hotel Copenhagen 5

Nobis Hotel Copenhagen 6

Nobis Hotel Copenhagen 7

picture source nobis hotel copenhagen


cool places : the scarlette new dehli

Scarlette New Delhi 0

Loving this cute little boutique hotel created by Pauline and Elisabeth, two French women who fell in love with New Dehli…

Scarlette New Delhi 1

Scarlette New Delhi 2

Scarlette New Delhi 3

Scarlette New Delhi 4

Scarlette New Delhi 6

picture source scarette new dehli



happy friday

gin gym

Happy Friday y’all! I surely did not see this week pass by because of workload so I guess I will make sure to switch my brain off this weekend (which is not really possible since I’m a hummingbird and always thinking about something…) aaaaaanyway, here are 3 things making me happy!

Friday cocktails, Friday cocktails makes me really happy…

severinepillerdesign at work

My main view this week…


Friday pillow I got for my friend E.’s birthday that looks too cool for school on her teal sofa…

Happy weekend people!