How to wear Stan Smiths – 5 Outfits Ideas

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I already have way too many shoes but I’m debating whether I should buy a pair of Stan Smith since I saw this girl wearing them the other day… I used Pinterest to find some outfit inspiration and I think I’m going to have to go buy a pair later this week!

Stan Smith outfits 1

Loving the bear legs+skirt+coat combo

Stan Smith outfits 2

Grey+white perfection

Stan smith outfit 3

How to wear Stan Smiths

Stan Smiths complement minimal garments very well. They go very well with monochrome-colored outfits, denims, overshirts and other garments like these. However, they also do a great job of making flashy garments like hoodies, T-shirts with logos, cargo trousers, T-shirts with bold prints, etc. look subtle and simple.

You can notice a sketched illustration of Stan Smith on the tongue of the brand’s shoes, ever since the brand’s establishment.

You can get creative with Stan Smith shoes with all kinds of tailored looks. Try these shoes with pleated trousers, double-breasted jackets or white T-shirts to see how they look on you. These shoes look better when they get worn out a bit; so, you don’t always have to keep them boxed to wear later. Wear them everywhere except for the tennis court! These shoes may have been around for more than half a century, but their technology is quite advanced.

Reason why Stan Smiths are one of the best

Thanks to their minimalistic yet subtle design, Stan Smith trainers look great with almost any kind of outfit. Their toned-down style makes them stand out from numerous other flashy logos and brands that you find in the market today. These shoes have a rich history of 50 years to boast about!

The best fact that we love about the color of Stan Smiths is that they have very subtle coloring! While the upper is pure white, the rubber sole comes in an off-white shade. On the tongue and heel, you have grass-green color. We love the classic stripes on these shoes. These are unique perforated shoes, quite different from all Adidas shoes that were made before them.

Their perfect designs and subtle colors have inspired many similar-styled shoes from Common Projects and Gucci’s Ace Model.

Stan Smiths – The history that you should know

The original name of Stan Smiths was Adidas Robert Hailet. When the German company launched its all-new leather tennis shoes in 1965, it got the French tennis professional, Robert Hailet, to endorse them. The makers kept the shoe’s design very simple to make it compatible with all kinds of outfits.

Hailet’s retirement meant that Adidas had to look for a new celebrity to endorse their new shoes. Enter Stan Smith!  In the late 60s and early 70s, Stan Smith was a famous athlete, and Adidas found the man it wanted. Today, you find a smiling illustration of a person on the tongue of Stan Smiths. This illustration represents the real person and tennis professional, Stan Smith! In 1972, Smith won the Wimbledon title in five sets, wearing these famous shoes, giving Adidas the perfect platform to dominate the tennis court.

These shoes became popular instantly, and people loved to wear them on and off-court. While the heavy-duty leather helped athletes better their performances, their minimalistic design made them compatible with almost all outfits. By the year 2000, they became so famous, that they featured in the song, My Adidas, by RUN –DMC.

Adidas stopped making the Stan Smiths for 2012 and 2013 to increase craving and demand from the customers. The reception from the people was huge when they released the Stan Smiths in 2014, after getting famous names, such as ASAP Rocky, Pharrell and Kanye to endorse these shoes.

Stan Smith, the tennis professional, earns quite a lot, as he gets royalties on every pair of Stan Smith sold, because every shoe has his illustrated figure. Ever since 1971, the company has sold over 50 million pairs of Stan Smiths!



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