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The other day, we were talking about food with my friend E. and she told me about this new great cheesecake restaurant in Paris. It all started with Sephora’s blog, it was such a success that she decided to take a chance and open this place. She gives a modern and interesting twist the all her creations (salty and sweet) with for example a goat cheese, grilled veggies cheesecake or Tatin and caramel…  I love the concept and I’ll be doing some research to find her recipes.

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My Review of She’s Cake by Sephora

Being hardcore cheesecake lovers, I dropped in to She’s Cake by Sephora, a cake outlet in Paris, to try out the pastries there! And I am not disappointed at all! I loved that the cheesecakes here were different and unique. Savory and sweet cheesecakes were made from uncommon recipes to blow our minds away.

If you have been looking for a place that is filled with your favorite cheesecakes, you have to visit She’s Cake by Sephora. The founder, Sephora Saada, crafts every single cake to perfection here. The cakes not only taste heavenly, but they also look drop-dead gorgeous, thanks to the research and passion of the founder.

Sephora’s specialty is that she spends a lot of time decorating every cake she creates; so, she is more of a culinary stylist than a pastry chef! At this outlet, if there is one factor that dominates the taste of the cakes, it is their design! I love the daring designs and flavors that Sephora tries out in her cheesecakes.

With the Keiko, she brings about a perfect blend of the winter flavor of chestnut cream & the spring and floral flavor of orange blossom. I tried her Sheli Rose glass, and couldn’t admire her enough for trying out three different pink-based combinations of Raspberry, Litchi and Rose.

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I love the creativity she infuses in her cakes. In her Tokyo-Brooklyn cheesecake, I loved the combination of matcha and peanut butter flavors. If you want a cake with a strong Japanese flavor, you can try the Ellie-Wasabe, which is made from an exotic blend of coconut and fresh strawberries. Coffee and mango lovers should try out the manga cheesecake, as it incorporates the best of both flavors from Peru.

I was surprised that Sephora’s imagination just doesn’t stop here! Currently, she is trying out a new cheesecake version of Irish coffee. I am also surprised that she has been creating the Betty Boop mixing three uncommon ingredients of champagne, raspberry and whipped cream. Can’t wait to try that one! There are other blends she is working on, such as coconut & passion fruit and bergamot & raspberry. I love the way she goes bold with their imagination while trying out unique flavors.

Despite all these innovative flavors found here, She’s Cake by Sephora is most popular for its savory cheesecakes. Every day, Sephora creates a new recipe of savory cakes that keep lingering in our taste buds long after I leave her shop.

Shop Locations:

She’s Cake by Sephora – Marais
Opening Days: Tue – Sun
Open Hours: 11:30 AM – 7:30 PM
Address: 37 rue du Roi de Sicile, 75004 Paris

She’s Cake by Sephora – Paris 12th arrondissement

Opening Days: Tuesday to Saturday
Open Hours: 10:30 AM – 7:30 PM
Address: 20 avenue Ledru-Rollin, 75012 Paris



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