Salty Wings – Everything you Need to Know

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Salty Wings was created by two beach loving friends. These guys use drones to capture Western Australia’s beautiful and often secluded beaches… the result is absolutely stunning!

About the Salty Wings

Michael Goetze & Jampal Williamson are the 2 heads which have created the SaltyWings. The Australian born photographers Michael & Jampal deals directly with everyone who buys their creations. Michael & Jampal are the industry expert in Arial space photography. These guys use drones and helicopters to take their unique style & stunning photos.

Once the Michael & Jampal sent their drone on 20,000 km long journey along with the Western Australia coast to capturing it’s expansive earthliness. The Western Australia coast said to be the longest coastline (20,781 km including islands) of any state or territory in Australia. And the results was breathtaking high resolution photos.

Salty Wings Albany

Salty Wings - James Price Point

The duo is on mission, to “create a massive gallery which makes all Australians peoples proud”. To complete this mission they traveled all the corners of Australian beaches. capturing all the details and beautiful coastline.

The Team didn’t just stop in Australia, now the are coring faraway lands too some of them are:

  • Hawaii
  • Norway
  • Iceland
  • Italy
  • Oregon
  • South Africa
  • Utah
  • Tahiti
  • The Bahamas
  • Indonesia

Salty wings Meelup

salty wings meelup


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