Wedding Decoration with Eucalyptus

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I LOOOOOOVE eucalyptus plants! They have the perfect color and organic shape to add a wonderfully natural touch to your home and table.

In the year 2017, green was declared the Pantone color of the year. Since then, it has become increasingly popular to have green-themed weddings across the globe.  Using actual plants as your wedding theme can not only do good to the environment but also save you money. You can choose any type of plant as the theme of your wedding décor; here, we will give you some ideas for using the eucalyptus plant.

What is Eucalyptus?

Known for their amazing and relaxing fragrance, the eucalyptus plants are originally from Australia. While their branches are tall, their leaves are symmetrical. Currently, we have about 300 different types of eucalyptus plants all over the world. Some of these types grow in California, as well.

The eucalyptus is one of the most diverse types of plants you can find today. Seeded, silver-dollar, blue and Ginni are some of these types. Thanks to their different sizes, shapes, texture and color, you can use them easily as your wedding theme. You can combine one or two varieties to make your wedding décor look versatile and stylish. Whether you use these plants to create a wreath or acrylic pillars, they look great.

With the eucalyptus, you can get as creative as possible. Bouquets and centerpieces are the traditional ways of using them. However, you can think out of the box and use these leaves in innovative ways. Replacing them with confetti toss, decorating the aisle area, creating a huge, green backdrop, making a crown for yourself or as a collar for your pet are some unique things you can try. However, don’t stop using them for traditional purposes such as creating a runner along the center of the table, or making a grand decoration using the leaves on the welcome table.

Did you know that there is more to eucalyptus than just its beauty and fragrance? According to popular beliefs, eucalyptus denotes various qualities such as good health, protection and abundance. That’s all that you need at your wedding!

Here, we have collated 25  amazing eucalyptus-based wedding décor ideas that you can try on your big day, to make it an occasion to remember:

25  Eucalyptus Wedding Decor Ideas

1. Eucalyptus crown

Eucalyptus crown

Instead of using floral crowns always, try using green crowns made from eucalyptus leaves for your wedding. They give out a simple but magical look. Get the similar here

2. Unique confetti toss

eucalyptus leaf confetti

Say goodbye to rose petals for the post-wedding confetti toss ceremony. Replace these petals with eucalyptus leaves, instead, to make a creative ceremony.

3. Mark the Ceremony Entrance

Make a Ceremony Entrance

What better way can you use eucalyptus than making a beautiful garland of these leaves at the ceremony’s entry and exit points?

4. Create welcome signs

eucalyptus welcome signs

At the entry point, you can create a welcome sign by decorating bunches of eucalyptus leaves around an antique-styled frame to give a fairytale-like look.

5. Welcome tower

Create a welcome tower using eucalyptus leaves and other plants to give a warm welcome to the guests.

6. Welcome wreaths

Creating huge eucalyptus wreaths at the reception’s welcome door or barn doors gives a sweet and rustic appeal.

7. Mark the aisle area

eucalyptus aisle area

Want to make your aisle look simple and subtle? Line them with eucalyptus leaves to mark the aisle areas, and differentiate them from the bigger and bolder areas.

8. Creating surprises

Eucalyptus on staircase

A eucalyptus-themed staircase will help you create magic at a spot that one least expects it.

9. Using a runner

eucalyptus Table Runner

Use these leaves as a thick runner along the reception tables. Add candles and blooms to complete the look. Get the similar look from here.

10. Decorating candles

eucalyptus candles decoration

Place a wreath of eucalyptus leaves around floating candles in a centerpiece and watch the ambiance’s magical transformation within minutes.

11. Seating chart décor

decorating with eucalyptus

Do you plan to have a seating chart for the guests? Create a wooden chart and decorate them with a large bunch of eucalyptus leaves to add to the charm.

12. Table arrangement

eucalyptus based napkin rings

Arrange the table creatively by using eucalyptus-based napkin rings.

13. Cake table décor

eucalyptus Cake table décor

Want to make the display table of the wedding cake look rustic and great? Add a bed of silver dollar eucalyptus leaves and pampas grass to the cake table, to get this effect.

14. Decorate the chairs

eucalyptus chairs décor

Dress up the reception chairs with wreaths of fresh eucalyptus leaves to set the mood right.

15. Tying chairs together

Use a bunch of eucalyptus leaves to make a garland. Tie  Mr. and Mrs. Right’s chairs together with these garlands to lend a festive appeal to the ceremony.

16. Make the sweetheart table romantic

eucalyptus Sweetheart Table

While lace tablecloth and candlesticks do make a sweetheart table look great, you can make it look romantic by adding generous heaps of eucalyptus leaves there.

17. Create a ceremony arch

Decorate your wedding arch with eucalyptus, rose, peaches and carnations. This will make the ceremony look intimate and romantic.

18. Create a bohemian bouquet

Adding eucalyptus leaves to wildflowers and other greenery in the bouquet will make it look bohemian and beautiful at the same time.

19. Backdrop

Creating a magical and massive backdrop of eucalyptus wreath is a popular option.

20. Simple but special

Arrange a few leaves of eucalyptus against the backdrop of an antique tablescape. Complete the look with ornate gilds and lace patterns to create a subtle but magical effect

21. Cake trimmer

Did you know that eucalyptus leaves could be used to trim your cake tiers? Replace them with icing sugar and see the difference for yourself!

22. Pamper your pet

eucalyptus dog decor

On your D-Day, make your dog wear a fur collar made from eucalyptus leaves, so that he looks smart and stylish.

23. Chandelier décor

Make eucalyptus-themed chandeliers to create magic over your head on your D-Day.

24. Create a vow frame

Exchanging wedding vows is the most important ceremony in a wedding. Creating these vows on wooden posts, and decorating the posts with huge towers of eucalyptus leaves is a great wedding décor idea.

25. Theme your bar

eucalyptus bar decor

Make your bar livelier than ever by lining the center and sides of the bar with eucalyptus-themed décor.

Where can I buy eucalyptus from?

We can buy eucalyptus leaves from many places. I usually get my stock of eucalyptus leaves from any florist or grocery store near my place. I order one bunch of a single type, and that’s quite a lot, actually. I have used them to adorn my bathroom reveal, and still have many leaves leftover!



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