cool places : kasbah bab ourika

kasbahbabourika 1

You know my love of Morocco is endless so here goes another incredible place in one of my favorite country…

kasbahbabourika 2

kasbahbabourika 3

kasbahbabourika 4

kasbahbabourika 5

kasbahbabourika 6

kasbahbabourika 7

kasbahbabourika 8

kasbahbabourika 9

kasbahbabourika 10

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cool places : valletta vintage on malta

valetta vintage 0

VALLETTA VINTAGE is a collection of vintage and contemporary finds – properties & contents – curated by its owner-architect and his partner to offer an alternative to mainstream holiday accommodation.

valetta vintage 1

valetta vintage 2

valetta vintage 3

valetta vintage 4

valetta vintage 6

valetta vintage 7

valetta vintage 11

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cool places : soneva jani in the maldives

soneva jani mr and mrs smith 10

Granted this place may be a tiny bit over my budget but I mean… you gotta a love a hotel with a slide don’t you think?!

soneva jani mr and mrs smith 9

soneva jani mr and mrs smith 7

soneva jani mr and mrs smith 6

soneva jani mr and mrs smith 5

soneva jani mr and mrs smith 4

soneva jani mr and mrs smith 3

soneva jani mr and mrs smith 2

soneva jani mr and mrs smith 1

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cool places : the off grid itHouse in california

Off-grid itHouse 1

How f*ing cool is this glass house!?! It lives up to its name: it’s totally off the grid. Made from entirely green materials, the it’s entirely is self-sustaining. Solar panels provide electricity and hot water. It’s nestled in a relatively empty valley, so don’t go here if you’re looking for lots to do. If you get bored, however, you’re right next to Joshua Tree National Park. Otherwise, just unwind, and let go of the grid.

Off-grid itHouse 2

Off-grid itHouse 3

Off-grid itHouse 4

Off-grid itHouse 5

Off-grid itHouse 6

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greek heaven

sterna nisyros 8

This is where I want to spend 2 weeks to relax and drink wine mediate… what do you think?

sterna nisyros 2

sterna nisyros 3

sterna nisyros 4

sterna nisyros 5

sterna nisyros 6

sterna nisyros 7

sterna nisyros 9

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