cool places : soneva jani in the maldives

soneva jani mr and mrs smith 10

Granted this place may be a tiny bit over my budget but I mean… you gotta a love a hotel with a slide don’t you think?!

soneva jani mr and mrs smith 9

soneva jani mr and mrs smith 7

soneva jani mr and mrs smith 6

soneva jani mr and mrs smith 5

soneva jani mr and mrs smith 4

soneva jani mr and mrs smith 3

soneva jani mr and mrs smith 2

soneva jani mr and mrs smith 1

picture source mr and mrs smith



cool places : the scarlette new dehli

Scarlette New Delhi 0

Loving this cute little boutique hotel created by Pauline and Elisabeth, two French women who fell in love with New Dehli…

Scarlette New Delhi 1

Scarlette New Delhi 2

Scarlette New Delhi 3

Scarlette New Delhi 4

Scarlette New Delhi 6

picture source scarette new dehli



cool places : the ceylon sliders in sri lanka

ceylonsliders 0

In another life, I will have an actual sense of balance/coordination and be a surfer and stay at this incredibly cool place in Sri Lanka…

ceylonsliders 1

ceylonsliders 3

ceylonsliders 4

ceylonsliders 5

ceylonsliders 6

ceylonsliders 8

ceylonsliders 9

ceylonsliders 10

ceylonsliders 11

ceylonsliders 12

picture source ceylon sliders


cool places : bar palladio in jaipur


I am totally obsessed with blue right now so THIS gorgeous place totally caught my attention. How beautiful are all these shades of color working together?!






all pictures from this is glamorous


cool places : gili lankanfushi on the maldives


I know it is totally out of my budget but this is the place I want to go to right now. Doing nothing for 10 days, eating, drinking cocktails with little umbrellas, sun-tanning, reading and sleeping… sounds like a plan right?


all pictures via mr and mrs smith