cinque terre – from corniglia to monterosso


I ended my last Cinque Terre post in Corniglia. When we arrived at the station, I only saw a big hill in front of us and I knew I would have to brave all the steps to actually get there (312 in total) but it was totally worth it! The view was absolutely stunning…


Again, we wanted to walk to Vernazza but it was almost 37c, we were hungry so we to the easy way and took the next train to Vernazza (shame on me, I know…)


We stopped to have lunch in Vernazza at a small pizzeria where I had the best ever pesto pizza… seriously, the basil in Liguria tastes differently than in the rest of Italy and I still haven’t found out why…

Pizza al pesto

After lunch, we took the trail to Monterosso, it took us 1.30 hour to get there. It’s quite steep at first but then, it’s really easy and beautiful…

view of Vernazza


Monterosso is beautiful! After the walk, decided to stay a bit, we went for a swim and lid on the beach for an hour or two… before having an aperitivo

Beautiful memories…


g . point

Zurich has a new fashion hotspot… I’ll definitely go have a look next time I’m in town…

Hello Girl

Does your wardrobe bore you?

Do your girlfriends have the same t-shirt as you?

Are you desperately looking for new cool things to wear?

If the answer is YES, well guess what…

Your headache is over because G.point


G.point is the new place to go for fashionistas in Switzerland.


 Many international brands are available exclusively at G.point. Some of the hottest labels are Wildfox, Chaser, Free City, Gold Hawk, CC Skye, Sam Edelman, Rebecca Minkoff, Butler&Wilson, House of Harlow and many more.

G.point brings FUN, COOLNESS and STYLE to Switzerland!

In 2012, more G.point stores will open in Geneva, Lausanne and Basel.

cinque terre – from riomaggiore to corniglia

I’ve always wanted to go see the Cinque Terre. “The Five Lands” is composed of five villages: Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, and Riomaggiore. The coastline, the five villages, and the surrounding hillsides are all part of the Cinque Terre National Park and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


The path from Riomaggiore to Manarola is called via dell’amore (the path of love) and is as famous as the Romeo & Juliet balcony in Verona.

via dell’amore

And after a 20 minutes walk we arrived in Manarola…


We wanted to walk to Corniglia but unfortunalyl, 3 days before there had been a storm and the path was closed so we had to walk back and took the train instead.

Next stop: Corniglia…

liguria part 3 : santa margherita and portofino

I had wanted to go to go see Portofino for many many years so I woke up really early the morning we went there, full of hopes and expectations…

To get to Portofino, we took the train to Santa Margherita, it felt like beeing in a Fellini movie, the whole city looks like a decor from a 50’s and I instantly fell in love with it.

After a short walk from the station, we took the boat to Portofino (together with about half a million tourists)…

Beach cabins in Sta Margherita

The first thing we saw upon arrival were million dollar yachts, tourists and luxury boutiques so I was a little disapointed but I had a strategy to avoid the crowd (all going straight to the center) so instead, we walked up the hill instead. We took the stairs and climbed up toward the lighthouse (which is tiny and you can’t really see it from the path) but the view from the there was really beautiful.

Harbour of Portofino

After an hour or so, we were ready to brave the crowd and get a little something to eat…

Focaccia alle melanzane

I wanted to stay a little longer but there were so many tourists that one couln’t even walk normally on the streets so we decided to go back to Santa Margherita and spend some time there instead. The boat trip only takes 15 minutes (and we got to see Giorgio Armani’s yachts just leaving the bay)…  As soon as we reached ground we headed toward a restaurant to have lunch (the foccacia wasn’t enough after all the stair climbing!).

So we had some clams, seafood pasta and local sweets and after another walk around, we headed back to Framura.