cool places : the boho hotel in prague

9boho hotel prague 1

Prague has come a long way. The first time I traveled to the Czech Republic capital, I was 16 years old and you could still feel the old communist vibe throughout the city. I really have to go back some time (and check out this gorgeous hotel!).

boho hotel prague 2

boho hotel prague 3

boho hotel prague 4

boho hotel prague 5

boho hotel prague 6

boho hotel prague 7

boho hotel prague 8

picture source mr and mrs smith



happy friday

badi enge zh

I spent the whole week in Zurich and used it as an excuse to go back to all the places I like and spend time with the people I love…

Here are 3 things making me happy:

Beach Shack by the lake

dog walking zurich

Used my dog walking skills…

severine piller design glasses

On a quest to find new (cheap) reading glasses…

I wish you all a wonderful weekend!


happy friday


Happy Friday people! I had one of these week that is super busy but no will at all to actually. Although I do fitness / take vitamins almost every day now I feel tired. Maybe it’s the season change? Does that happen to you too as well?

Here are 3 things making me happy:

Friends reunion last weekend over Rosé Champagne…


My shoe collection desperately needed a pair of nude pumps…


Geneva, please let me find an apartment soon, thank you…

I wish you all a wonderful weekend!


happy friday

rolle switzerland

Happy Friday people, I am really happy today since I’ll be traveling to the US tomorrow (with the BFF and dog – family style). First stop in Florida, then NYC, then Florida again and although it is always a marathon, it is always good to be away for a couple of weeks and see new horizons…

Here are 3 things making me happy:

Beautiful weather in Rolle, Switzerland by the lake

le cintra fribourg

So in love with these tiles (and glasses!)

andy warhol polaroid book taschen

Got this book for my birthday, really cool and really inspiring

I wish you all a wonderful weekend!