cool places : the huus in gstaad switzerland

Huus Gstaad 0

Made in Switzerland baby!

Huus Gstaad 00

Huus Gstaad 1

Huus Gstaad 2

Huus Gstaad 3

Huus Gstaad 4

Huus Gstaad 5

Huus Gstaad 9

Huus Gstaad 10

Huus Gstaad 11

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happy friday

stockhorn mountain

I am so happy the weekend is here, the week was so strange… Do you ever feel like no matter where you are or what you do something is just not quite right? Well this is how I felt this whole week. Can’t wait to chill a bit this weekend, here are 3 things making me happy:

My mom brought me to the mountains to breathe some fresh air (she is the best)…

severine piller design textiles

Textiles for a client meeting

flowers market

Roses in Lyon last weekend…

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


cool places : the nobis in copenhagen

Nobis Hotel Copenhagen 2

Loving this sophisticated Scandinavian vibe.

Nobis Hotel Copenhagen 3

Nobis Hotel Copenhagen 4

Nobis Hotel Copenhagen 5

Nobis Hotel Copenhagen 6

Nobis Hotel Copenhagen 7

picture source nobis hotel copenhagen


happy friday

the rolling stones

It was nice to be back in Zurich this week (for 2 days) and strangely the weather was nice. We went to the Rolling Stones concert on Wednesday evening and this was surely the high point of these (not so nice) last weeks. It was incredible and very emotional (my dad is a HUGE fan and we grew up listening to the Stones) so I’ll take these good vibes throughout this weekend. Here are 3 things making me happy:

Keith R. absolutely amazing


One of my favorite view of Zurich

cakefriends zurich

Coffee and cake break at Cake Friends

I wish you all a wonderful weekend!