cool places : mia resort in nha trang, vietnam


This looks like the perfect place to find peace, relaxation, and comfort…









all pictures via mia resort



happy friday


Don’t mind me running around like a crazy woman… Installing projects, following a kitchen renovation in full swing and traveling to Marrakesh next week to fill a 20 feet container to Florida to fill a 20 feet container to Florida, no biggie…

Here are 3 things making me happy:

I haven’t had a real holidays in almost 3 years (starting a business and moving = being too broke to go anywhere for fun) so I cried a little when we finally booked a Thai getaway for the first week of 2017 (I still cannot believe we’re going actually). This hotel is where you’ll find me drinking Mai Tai’s and tanning…


My dream of designing a cerulean blue room finally came through with this super cool client! It still needs some tweaking and styling but I LOVE LOVE LOVE this color! I really wanted to buy them all… how great is this vase/planter selection?!


A good bottle of wine keeps me sane but holy shit, this one was just so goddamn good!

Happy weekend people, I’ll be working so enjoy yours 🙂


cool places : mister zimi villa in bali

mister zimi villa bali 1

I posted about this super cool clothing brand called Mister Zimi 2 weeks ago and while doing research for my post, I also discovered that they are renting this amazingly cool looking villa on Bali! You can book through airbnb (link below)…

mister zimi villa bali 2

mister zimi villa bali 4

mister zimi villa bali 5

mister zimi villa bali 6

mister zimi villa bali 7

mister zimi villa bali 8

mister zimi villa bali 9

mister zimi villa bali 10

mister zimi villa bali 11

mister zimi villa bali 12

mister zimi villa bali 13

Amazing decor right?!

all pictures via their airbnb page


cool places : the naumi in singapore

naumi singapore 0

It has been 15 years since I last was in Singapore. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t recognize anything anymore as the city’s urbanization has been pretty rapid… I remember afternoon tea at the Raffles (where Hemingway used to write and live) that felt like stepping in a time machine after spending the whole day in the middle of sky scrapers and noise. This hotel looks like a nice little oasis where I wouldn’t mind spending some time if I ever make it back to Singapore…

naumi singapore 7

naumi singapore 6

naumi singapore 5

naumi singapore 4

naumi singapore 3

naumi singapore 2

naumi singapore 1

all pictures via mr and mrs smith