happy friday


I can’t believe it’s Friday already. Last week passed so fast (and my state of tiredness tells me I have been pretty busy). I spent a couple of days in Switzerland for work, saw family and close friends (thanks again for the lovely bubbly night on your balcony S.!) came back yesterday, just in time to get ready for my brother to arrive later today, I’m super excited to spend the weekend with him! I realized that my life will be pretty busy until we leave for Thailand (in EXACTLY 4 weeks from today!) but else it would be boring no?

Here are 3 things making me happy:

We had our first picnic of the year last Sunday! It was lovely, the weather prefect and apart from some sleep hours missing, it was perfect.

happy Friday playlist on Spotify


I think I’ll do this bruschetta again… I feel like fresh favors and healthy food this weekend

I wish you all a wonderful weekend!