christmas home decor present ideas


basket // wood board // blanket // vase // print


happy friday


I have been traveling around like a crazy nomad person these past 10 days so I’m really looking forward to a chill weekend. This week I also managed to help my mom decorating the family Christmas tree which I hadn’t done in YEARS! It was nice to be together and looking forward to next week’s celebration…

Here are 3 things making me happy:

I’m pretty traditional when it comes to ornaments, ours are red and green, some of these crystal balls are 40 years old and used to belong to my grandparents… 


Because it was freezing cold and my old hat wouldn’t serve its purpose anymore, I bought this one from Sud Express


We took a little day trip last Friday to see where I learned to ski (yeah, I’m Swiss so my parents but me on a pair of ski when I was 4…), the sun was shining and the view on the way down was just amazing…

I hope you all have a great weekend!


holiday outfit inspiration


When I travel to see my parents for Christmas, I like to have my outfits sorted out and carrying items that I can mix and match with me.

Here are some great pieces that can work both for a Christmas party, New Years and brunches / lunches in between. Since I don’t like to look too « put together », I like to mix styles to create a look that looks both stylish and rock…



A nicely fitted jumpsuit is one of the best things you can have in your closet. It is super versatile, works every season (with sandals in the summer). This combo looks very stylish and could work for both Christmas and New Years…

This jumpsuit could also be combined with the blue sequin blazer and black pumps.

Shoes from here // Coat from here  // Shoulder bag from here  // Jumpsuit from here



This would be my go-to outfit for Christmas, the skirt is perfect to hide your belly after a large meal, the green accessories give it a festive touch and the leather jacket adds a layer of coolness…

Necklace from here // Jacket from here // T-shirt from here // Sandals from here // Skirt from here



A pair of jeans is a must even during the Holiday season, mixing it with a sequin jacket, stripes and cool loafers creates the perfect look for a Christmas brunch.

This pair of jeans could also be combine with the leopard coat and black pumps for a great evening look…

Loafers from here // Jacket from here // Jumper from here  // Jeans from here



The faux-leather legging is something really comfortable but still looks very stylish. Combined with trendy white sneakers, a wool poncho and a hat, it creates a unique, great look.

Legging from here // Poncho from here // Sneakers from here // Hat from here

All pictures from EspritMango and Shopbop


christmas present ideas for women


tooth bag // ring // hat // book // ankle boots


christmas present ideas for men


print // camera // kit // book // headphones