happy friday


I am so exhausted, I can barely type this happy Friday post. Between moving, restructuring supervision/coordination of our new flat, traveling to Geneva to meet a new client and the million other things I am doing at the same time, I barely have time to shower… I know I’m going to be super happy when it’s all done but the perspective of another couple of weeks like this, just make me want to take a plane and fly away to a deserted island!!!

Here are 3 things making me happy:

I found this really cool shop selling great prints on Etsy and I cannot wait to see this beauty on my wall!

copper vase diy

Love this DIY project!

whiskey cocktail

The perfect happy Friday cocktail! (via rue mag)

I wish you all a wonderful weekend!



homemade limoncello

IMG_1578I told you that we picked lemons at my friend’s place in Liguria last month to make marmalade (recipe here) and Limoncello! I LOVE Limoncello (this tart is one of my classic FYI) and it is super easy to do…

IMG_1580 IMG_1581

We followed 3 different recipes but this one is the best, all you need is organic lemons, water, sugar and alcohol. Start by peeling the lemon zests, put them into a container, add the alcohol, close the lid and place in a dark room for 3-4 weeks (the lemon essential oil is going to infuse the alcohol)…IMG_1582 IMG_1583 IMG_1584

When ready, prepare a syrup with sugar and water, bring to boil and let cool completely. Remove the zests from the liquid, filter and mix with the syrup. Set aside for another week and then it is ready to drink! I always keep my bottle in the freezer (not in the fridge), that’s how they do it in Naples…IMG_1585IMG_1579all pictures © the simple and chic blog

happy friday

expoI don’t know if you guys heard but the EXPO starts in Milan today (hell the NY Times said it is the nr. 1 city to go to this year, see here). They expect something like 25 billion people visiting until the end of October so it is a pretty big deal for the city (and for us too). I don’t really have plans for the weekend, we’ll just take it as it comes!

Here are 3 things making me happy:

I cannot wait to go visit the Expo soon…

diy hanging chandelier

and I also want to create this cute flower chandelier (tutorial here)…


And since I found the perfect Bloody Mary recipe I guess I’ll need to test it, dontcha think?

Happy weekend!


my super energy cocktail


This is my absolute favorite anti-flu / detox / energizing cocktail that I make during winter time (and the rest of the year when I need a little detox action – see below) . Here are the details to my super power mixture that can be used hot or cold…


You will need (for 1 glass or cup):

* 1 freshly squeezed lemon – for the vitamins

* grated ginger (it’s up to you how much you want to throw in – I always put a LOT coz’ it really helps!) – for the immune boosting /antioxidant / anti-inflammatory action

* natural sweetener (I use agave syrup or honey)

When I feel I’m getting a cold

IMG_9431 IMG_9436

I drink one cup 3-4 times a day (using honey instead of agave syrup), I’ll also have a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice at breakfast and if I’m really feeling weak already, I take a long hot bath with eucalyptus or lavender essential oil.


When I need an extra energy boost in the morning

IMG_9430 IMG_9431 - Version 2

One glass before breakfast (make sure the water is lukewarm) and I can guarantee you’ll feel energetic until the evening. I usually do it every day for 2 weeks in spring and autumn…


When I need a little detox

IMG_9432 IMG_9427

It is not a secret that I LOVE myself some good vino but sometimes I can overdo it a little (woopsie) so if I feel a bit “rough” in the morning, I’ll have this drink poured in a 1.5 liter bottle (triple the ingredients) that I drink throughout the day.


On a side note, make sure to check ALOHA‘s cool website, especially the recipe section that I use as a daily inspiration!