fashion inspiration : christina hendricks

Mad Men wouldn’t be Mad Men without the beautiful 37 years old actress Christina Hendricks, she is absolutely gorgeous and proof that style is not a matter of size but all about attitude and feeling comfortable in your body. I love that she is always wearing tailored and colorful clothes, making her look beautiful and elegant, what do you think?


it’s all about the details


Tip nr. 1: Whenever you are feeling pale and lacking energy, wear red!

Tip nr. 2: Instead of wearing pants and boots all winter, invest in a good (and comfortable) pair of low booties that you can wear with all your dresses and skirts

Tip nr. 3: wear a belt over your jackets, coats and dresses for the instant chic touch

Tip nr. 4: Invest in a cool jacket with (fake) fur – Zara has some great parkas this season…

Tip nr. 5: Wear hats and caps!!!

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fashion inspiration : the isabel marant look

I love love love Isabel Marant. In fact one of my biggest fantasy would be to be able to spend an entire day in one of her shops and be able to buy all the pieces I fancy… but I think my obsession comes from the fact that the silhouettes she creates are very similar to my personal style. I love that it is sexy, rock and feminine but without overdoing it. I don’t looking to “girly”, you know what I mean? When I met my best friend here in Milan, she asked me if I was from Paris because of my style (seriously, that was one of the best compliments I ever got!!!) and I think it just comes down to find your personal style balance to feel really comfortable…

kate moss for mango

Kate Moss’s latest collection for Mango is now out and available in stores worldwide. I like the idea of being able to get the same look (or at lease get inspired) as the items are not too expensive and everyone can get it… Love the idea of wearing a white blazer in winter…

… and I love love love these boots!!!