cool places : bed of flowers

Looking for a beautiful and romantic getaway in Holland? Search no more and book a room at the wonderful Bed of Flowers bed & breakfast.

Bed of Flowers
Florien Bosch
Dijk 45
6641 LA Beuningen

Telephone: 024 – 6750849
Mobile: 06 – 13071489


pop + shorty

I love sending cards, my collection is getting bigger and bigger because I always bring cards back from abroad and I stock up during sales. My boyfriends always makes fun of me because I send postcards when we are on holidays (sometimes even from a weekend abroad) but I think you can never replace the joy feeling of opening your mail box and finding a note with an SMS or an email…

I discovered pop+shorty on another blog and I really like the concept… here’s the website, they also make t-shirts, buttons, magnets, etc. and you can order everything online.

So really, what do you think? Am I too old fashioned?