happy monday and a cool diy project

home bar diy melodrama 7

I skipped the happy Friday post last week because I wasn’t really in the mood to write anything after the week I had but today is another day so happy Monday!

Melodrama is one of my go to blog/Instagram account for inspiration. I really love her world and colors and this is her last DYI project (using a cheap and plain IKEA shelf), super easy to do…

home bar diy melodrama 6

home bar diy melodrama 5

home bar diy melodrama 4

home bar diy melodrama 3

home bar diy melodrama 2

picture source and full tutorial melodrama


decoration inspiration : kids room teepee

Toddlers bedroom with toys in tent

If my parents had put a teepee in my room when I was little I’d probably have been the happiest kid on the planet. I designed a girl’s room (work in process still but I’ll share pics when I’m done) and finally got to use one of these! Now there are tons of DYI tutorials online but since I don’t have the time to actually build one myself for my clients, I bought one online.

Here are the pictures I used for inspiration…

kids room teepee 3

kids room teepee 4

kids room teepee 5

kids room teepee 6

Here is the project I did


picture source // 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 (©severine piller design) //


happy friday


I cannot believe that on Monday morning, I was in Phuket swimming in the Andaman Sea and now am in gray and cold (and snowy) Switzerland… talk about a climate shock! Jezz, anyway, our Thai break was great fun and apart from the cold I have now, I feel rested and ready to take on this new year!

Here are 3 things making me happy:

With new year comes new change in mind for my house… I’m thinking large banana tree for the living room (I want to sneak a bit of our Thai holiday home) – picture from here


I like this total black look that looks both very elegant and extremely warm (and comfy) – picture from here


I like the simplicity of this table name tag, perfect to add a personal twist to any table! picture from here

Happy weekend people!