project amazing countryside kitchen


This project was in the pipeline for quite some time but because it meant that this family would have to live without a kitchen for 6 weeks, we had to plan everything really well. The house they live in was built in the 17th century, the kitchen was added as an extension to the building in the 40’s but the wall underneath the windows was part of the town’s defensive wall so needless to say everything is protected and we didn’t really know what we would find once the old kitchen had been removed…

I also move the oven to gain space so that meant make a new hole in the roof and it took 1 month to get the authorization for that (again, all building in this bit of the town are under protected monuments) but we did get it in the end.

So here is my favorite part, before/during and after:


Again, really happy we move that oven to the other corner!


I found this cool looking lampshade (makes me think of a bird cage) in bamboo that looks like it was tailor-made for this kitchen…


We used a slightly darker shade for the ceiling, what a difference paint makes, right?


all pictures from severine piller design



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