blue bedroom before/after


This project was the smoothest EVER. It is sometimes hard to convince your clients that a room would look really really cool the way you imagine it but this client was absolutely amazing:

me: I want to do a cerluean blue room with darker, modern furniture

client: perfect, let’s do it! I’m game for whatever you’re saying…

me: 😀

SO, here are the pics BEFORE (I know, looking at these anything could have looked better)…





(we changed the blue to a beautiful rich cerulean paint)…

And here is the AFTER…







Pretty cool isn’t it?! Amazing what paint and new furniture can do… I hope you like it!

all pictures via severinepillerdesign




2 Replies to “blue bedroom before/after”

  1. I really like the furnishings. Personally I am not big on blue, love it in clothes, do not like it for walls, floors, curtains, bedspreads… weird I know. But this does work well in the space.

  2. Thanks for the comment! I know, you are not the first one telling me that, this is why it was so tricky to work on this project but the client loves it and I think I chose the right blue that is still “warm”, makes sense? xo

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