atelierBOEMIA US trip – part 2


We arrived in NYC 3 days after the snowstorm (good timing) and almost immediately started to work and prepare for the show that was starting 4 days later. I won’t go into to many details but the first couple of days involved building furniture on the Brooklyn IKEA parking lot, driving a van through downtown Manhattan, unloading crates, running around trying to finish everything and living on sandwiches, coffee and red wine… The show itself was absolutely great (and tiring), we had an amazing response to our collection and got contacts from shop owners from all over the US, it was a truly positive experience after over a year of working and putting our soul on this project!

20160130_203312_LLS20160203_180955_LLS20160203_181039_LLSatelier boemia basket logoatelier boemia nynow booth 1atelier boemia nynow booth 2atelier boemia nynow booth 3atelier boemia nynow booth 4atelier boemia nynow booth 5atelier boemia nynow booth 6atelier boemia nynow booth 7atelier boemia nynow booth 8atelier boemia nynow booth 9atelier boemia nynow booth 10atelier boemia planteratelier boemia sconcesIMG_670420160203_181335_LLSIMG_6840

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