atelierBOEMIA US trip – part 1


I flew to Miami and then drove to Cape Coral 3 weeks ago. Now if you look at the pictures, you may think how warm the weather must have been and how much fun this all was but reality was a bit different… First of all, I catched a cold the day before I left so that did not put me in the right conditions to work 12h a day (I even had fever and was blowing my nose pretty much during the whole 2 weeks – good times), then it was REALLY windy and cool (like 6c in the morning!) and all the time we had in Florida was spent working and preparing for the NYNOW show (which is fine, it was a business trip). We had to shot all our new products, decide what to bring to New York, build a crate, fill it and ship it and finally travel to Miami to visit some shops and talk about our business venture. I discovered the Miami Design District which was a ton of fun, one of the coolest places I’ve been to! Filled with cute little shops, restaurants and a totally arty and laid back flair… I newly discovered Miami and cannot wait to go back for fun!


all pictures © simpleandchicblog and

Stay tuned for the New York part of the trip next week!


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