apartment update

project cool flat studio detail severine piller design

Here’s a little update of our project renovation… Needless to say it was stressful, I came close to my sanity limits quite a few times but somehow managed not to kill anyone and now our flat looks like a flat (not a huge construction site where every single item of yours gets covered in dust).

project cool flat studio sideboard severine piller design

The 2 pictures above are from my (our) studio, the bed sofa is only coming some time around Christmas so for now it serves as playground for the cat.

project cool flat dining room severine piller design

I LOVE this atelierBOEMIA rug with our new table and chairs!!! It looks absolutely bananas!

project cool flat black door frame severine piller design

It was a major pain in the ass to organize but I wanted black frames on each door and I’m super happy about my stubbornness…

project cool flat living room severine piller design

The Beni Ourain is from atelierBOEMIA and the Acapulco chair is supposed to be on the terrace but see the company we got our angle sofa from made a tinny mistake (wrong angle) so now we have to wait until FEBRUARY(!) until we get it so the idea is to put the bed sofa here till the large one arrives (are you following?)

project cool flat bathroom severine piller design

Both our bathrooms are dark grey (looks incredible), I found some old brass sconces for nothing, added a cool framed print (from juniqe.com) and a ladder to hang towels!

What do you think? Will post more pics as we go to keep you posted! Ok off to the airport now, I have a plane for Marrakesh to catch, happy Monday!


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