cool & cosy apartment in Geneva

severinepillerdesign living room eaux-vives 4I almost finished this cool project I started last August, although we still need to finalize the bedroom, the living room and kitchen are done, I’m super happy with the result. My client had just moved from Australia and did not have the time to decorate his new flat. He wanted something cool and masculine with touches of red so… voilà!

apartment geneva before severinepillerdesign living room eaux-vives 9

Before and after: since we had a low budget, I worked with existing pieces (sofa and lounge chair) mixed with IKEA and some atelierBOEMIA textiles.

severinepillerdesign living room eaux-vives 10IMG_3243

severinepillerdesign living room eaux-vives 13severinepillerdesign living room eaux-vives 4

IMG_3244 severinepillerdesign entrance eaux-vives 3

Entrance before and after: it is amazing what a cool rug and a plant can do…!

severinepillerdesign living room eaux-vives 3Now the KITCHEN: since my client is renting, we couldn’t go to bold with transformation (no painting of the walls in Geneva when you are renting), so I choose black and white + some decor touches here and there and a cool plant:

severinepillerdesign kitchen eaux-vives 1

IMG_3249 severinepillerdesign kitchen eaux-vives 2

IMG_3249 severinepillerdesign kitchen eaux-vives 4

severinepillerdesign kitchen eaux-vives 1all pictures ©severinepillerdesign


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