apartment inspiration

living room milano severine piller designSo it is official, the waiting has an end and we will move into a bigger and cooler flat soon! Although it is always a major pain to move, I cannot wait to decorate and style the whole place. Here are my inspiration boards room by room…

dining room milano severine piller designkitchen milano severine piller designwork space milano severine piller designmaster bedroom milano severine piller designguest bedroom milano severine piller designall pictures ©severinepillerdesign



4 Replies to “apartment inspiration”

  1. Haha I had a giggle looking at this because I have done exactly the same sort of thing for our house when we are finished building it. With yours I am a BIG fan of the colourful big cushions in the Living room and our kitchens are looking quite similar. In fact I have ordered 3 pendant lights in a similar shape, but mine are a concrete material which I thought was a great contrast to all the white and wood elements I am having in the space.
    Our workspaces/offices are very similar too, I am going for a white desk (although I need more drawers than 2 haha), instead of a lowline cabinet I will have bookcases for the most part. I am trying to find a grey material office chair to offset the white and I want a chaise seat in there as well. My office will be created in the open space at the top of the stairs so it is technically a living area as well so I need the space to be versatile 🙂
    Also I LOVE the rug for your guest room 🙂

      1. It’s a very exciting time. At the moment our house is only up to the frames stage, but if you are interested I can send it to you. 🙂
        I have been thinking about my room boards ever since this post. I think I should find them. To be honest I am not sure where I saved them hahaha.

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