cool places : the puro in palma de mallorca

http___www.purohotel.com_hotel-palma_wp-content_uploads_2013_12_Puro-Hotel-Palma-Hotel-en-Palma-entrada-2-1024x683Since I am traveling to Mallorca this coming Sunday (I CANNOT WAIT!!!!), I thought it would be great to share one of my fav hanging places in Palma, the PURO hotel. The first time I visited Mallorca, almost exactly 10 years ago, I literally fell in love with the island and my goal is to have a home here someday in the future (yeah, that’s how much I love it there). Forget about all the bad publicity you heard about Mallorca, yes there are a lot of drunk Brits/Germans but they all stay in the southern part so if you know where to go, you can avoid them easily, the landscape REALLY gorgeous (mountains, hills and amazeballs beaches), the food is fantastic and everybody is really friendly. I’ll share pictures with you when I’m back to prove my point :-)!

http___www.purohotel.com_hotel-palma_wp-content_uploads_2013_12_Puro-Hotel-Palma-Hotel-en-Palma-meeting-room-events-1024x683 http___www.purohotel.com_hotel-palma_wp-content_uploads_2013_12_Puro-Hotel-Palma-Hotel-en-Palma-meeting-room-mandala-1024x683 http___www.purohotel.com_hotel-palma_wp-content_uploads_2013_12_Puro-Hotel-Palma-Hotel-en-Palma-Recepcion-1-1024x6821-1024x682 http___www.purohotel.com_hotel-palma_wp-content_uploads_2013_12_Puro-Hotel-Palma-Hotel-en-Palma-Patio-2-1024x683 http___www.purohotel.com_hotel-palma_wp-content_uploads_2013_12_Puro-Hotel-Palma-Hotel-en-Palma-Patio-1-1024x6821-1024x682 http___www.purohotel.com_hotel-palma_wp-content_uploads_2013_12_Puro-Hotel-Palma-Hotel-en-Palma-meeting-room-media-room-1024x683 http___www.purohotel.com_hotel-palma_wp-content_uploads_2013_12_OPIO_001_WEB http___www.purohotel.com_hotel-palma_wp-content_uploads_2013_12_OPIO_013-15_WEB http___www.purohotel.com_hotel-palma_wp-content_uploads_2013_12_OPIO_053_WEB http___www.purohotel.com_hotel-palma_wp-content_uploads_2013_12_Puro-Hotel-Palma-Hotel-en-Palma-Bar-1-1024x683 http___www.purohotel.com_hotel-palma_wp-content_uploads_2013_12_Joy-Suite-Room14recortada-1024x683http___www.purohotel.com_hotel-palma_wp-content_uploads_2013_12_Puro-Hotel-Palma-Hotel-en-Palma-entrada-3-682x10241-682x1024all pictures via puro hotel



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