new in : atelierBOEMIA ceramic plates

atelierBOEMIA yellow safi bowl 2 copy 2While developing our own ceramic collection (that will include small plates, planters, coasters and cups), we also decided to get more hand painted plates from Fès and Safi in Morocco. Here’s a glimpse of the new arrival, hope you like it as much as we do!

// F E S //

atelierBOEMIA fes plate black 2 copy 2atelierBOEMIA_fes_plate_black_1024x1024atelierBOEMIA_fes_medium_bowl_yellow_2_1024x1024 atelierBOEMIA_fes_medium_bowl_yellow_1024x1024atelierBOEMIA safi platter purple 2 copy 2 atelierBOEMIA_safi_platter_purple_1024x1024atelierBOEMIA fes medium bowl turquoise 2 copy 2

// S A F I //

atelierBOEMIA_large_safi_plate_black_grande_c97db580-d94a-4e0f-b017-8dced6450317_1024x1024 atelierBOEMIA large safi plate black 2 copy 2atelierBOEMIA_large_safi_blowl_black_1024x1024 atelierBOEMIA_large_safi_blowl_black_2_1024x1024atelierBOEMIA_large_green_safi_bowl_1024x1024 atelierBOEMIA large green safi bowl 2 copy 2

atelierBOEMIA_large_safi_plate_gray_1024x1024all pictures via atelierBOEMIA



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