cool places : mama shelter in lyon, france

mama-shelter-lyon-salle-reunion-bibliotheque-3I love the Mama Shelter hotels concept: cool design at a decent price. All the hotels (Marseille, Paris, Bordeaux, Istanbul, LA) are design by Philippe Starck, adding a fun and colorful vibes.

mama-suite-corner mama-shelter-lyon-restaurant-terrasse-1 mama-shelter-lyon-restaurant-28 mama-shelter-lyon-reception  mama-shelter-lyon-business-corner mama-shelter-lyon-bar-cocktails-27-2 mama-lyon_004 mama-deluxe mama_lyon_06-big-mama-terrasse10-2 mama_lyon_06-big-mama-terrasse7 mama_lyon_06-big-mama-terrasse-corner12 mama_lyon_06-big-mama-terrasse-corner-2 mama_lyon_06-big-mama-terrasse-3-2  lyon-mama-luxe-double-room-desk-and-imacall pictures via mama shelter lyon



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