new in : atelierBOEMIA pompom textiles

atelierBOEMIA_stripped_pompom_pillow_cover_orange_2_1024x1024We got some new textiles for our pompom collection at the SHOP a couple of weeks ago and they look absolutely amazeballs!!!

// P I L L O W S //

atelierBOEMIA_stripped_pompom_pillow_covers atelierBOEMIA_stripped_pompom_pillow_cover_turquoise_1024x1024

atelierBOEMIA_stripped_pompom_pillow_cover_turquoise_2_1024x1024 atelierBOEMIA_stripped_pompom_pillow_cover_yellowatelierBOEMIA_stripped_pompom_pillow_covers_2_4876f9d7-ef9e-4856-aad0-8a155dcd7b4b_1024x1024

// B L A N K E T S //


atelierBOEMIA_stripped_pompom_blanket_hot_pink_2_1024x1024 atelierBOEMIA_stripped_pompom_blanket_safron_2_1024x1024

atelierBOEMIA stripped pompom blanket blue 2 copy 2

all pictures via atelierBOEMIA



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