happy friday

IMG_3397Had a busy week catching up on my current decor projects in Geneva and Zurich (that are looking goooooooood btw!), I am officially on holidays from this evening (pretty sure I’ll need to follow up on some work stuff while lying by the pool and having cocktail with little umbrellas but that’s fine), I am so exhausted that even sleeping 8 hours at night won’t help, I need a break. We’re off to Liguria on Monday to spend the week at my friend E.’s house overlooking the sea, my parents are also coming on Wednesday and I couldn’t be happier to just chill for a full week…

Here are 3 things making me happy:

Finally got to visit Alberobello last weekend, it is super touristy but really nice walk around (avoiding all the other tourists)…

atelierBOEMIA ceramics

Got some samples for atelierBOEMIA and I am so excited for you to see them on our website soon!

severinepillerdesign cool crib geneva

Got this vintage Moroccan Malali rug for my super cool Australian client in Geneva, it looks gorgeous and brings instant cool-chic to the living room…

Have a great weekend folks!



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