decoration inspiration : how to make the best of a small balcony or terrace

small terrace deco 1

Our new apartment has a cool terrace on the roof but it is rather small (6m2 – approx. 65 sq feet). I am looking for inspiration and thought I’d share ideas I like with you…

(above) // black and white (and grey) classic chic //

small terrace deco 2

// I want to build benches like these //

small terrace deco 3

// Love the wood and turquoise mix //

small terrace deco 4

// cute and simple! //

small terrace deco 5

// LOVE THIS! //

small terrace deco 6

// think I will need some rattan furniture as well (already have the black cat) //

small terrace deco 7

// minimal chic //

small terrace deco 8// I really REALLY like this terrace as well, perfect sitting-lamp-decor combo //

What do you think? Which one do you like the best? Do you have any small terrace tips or pictures you can send me? Would love to have your feedback!!!

all pictures via Pinterest (I typed small terrace decor)


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