decoration inspiration: a rad south african house

Modern-Cube-House-Henri-Comrie-02-1-KindesignA little decor inspiration (you know I love South Africa – country, food, style, people and design EVERYTHING!). This beautiful house has been designed by architect Henri Comrie and is nestled in a wine area valley in South Africa. I love the perfect textiles mix, the light, the painted brick walls and this library where all the books are ordered by color!

Modern-Cube-House-Henri-Comrie-03-1-Kindesign Modern-Cube-House-Henri-Comrie-04-1-Kindesign Modern-Cube-House-Henri-Comrie-05-1-Kindesign Modern-Cube-House-Henri-Comrie-06-1-Kindesign Modern-Cube-House-Henri-Comrie-07-1-Kindesign Modern-Cube-House-Henri-Comrie-08-1-Kindesign Modern-Cube-House-Henri-Comrie-09-1-Kindesign Modern-Cube-House-Henri-Comrie-10-1-Kindesign Modern-Cube-House-Henri-Comrie-11-1-Kindesign Modern-Cube-House-Henri-Comrie-12-1-Kindesign Modern-Cube-House-Henri-Comrie-13-1-Kindesign Modern-Cube-House-Henri-Comrie-14-1-Kindesignall pictures via decoration concepts

Now I’m off to Geneva for the day to meet a new client… happy Monday peeps!


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